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October 26, 2007



This is a really wonderful story, it's always nice to learn a little bit about your childhood. Can't wait until the next one!


Thanks Sophie. Stay tuned for the next not-so-exciting episode...


This is really funny and very well written!
Gosh i wish i could write like that...
Nice Blog!


Your partner Ann referred me here-- this is uncanny. I was just writing about the falsity (or "truthiness") of British food stereotypes on a post on Banoffee Pie (which I hypothesized was created to make up for a particularly horrid lunch in the seventies). Excellent post and interesting analysis! I was even laughing out loud on your recollection (not a thing I commonly do!)! I'm totally linking to this article! :)


Thanks Manggy, glad you enjoyed it. I aim to get the next episode up in a few days time (I'm travelling at the moment) so check in again!


My grandfather, a product of the Great Depression, would eat anything placed in front of him, "like" or "dislike" never entered his mind. You ate what you were given and were glad to have it -- he never changed, even when circumstances afforded him the luxury. However, I cannot, even in my most drunken ludicrous imaginings, picture you eating tinned spaghetti!

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Nice story!i really like it.. well written. thanks for the post...


Paul Darwent

I was googling away and came accross your mention of Rock All. I remember that place, It was mys business for 3 years back then. Nice to hear your comments. Paul

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