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November 04, 2007



OMG--I have never heard of membrillo, but this sounds amazingly good! I have a Fresh Market here & will look for it.


This does look really good! And very fresh.


In lieu of the message I await where you tell me all about yourself, I am gettnig to know you through your articles here. What a great website; I've passed it on to my dear friend Lucy who will fall in love with you immediately. She knows we haven't been in touch much, so there isn't anything proprietary on my part about my smart cousin who's a well-read foodie. But it is fun for me all the same...


This looks delish. I'm an apple fiend right now. I want them for lunch, snacking, and after dinner.

I wish I had a mandoline. Also that I wasn't terrified about slicing my fingers off with a mandoline. But I think I should get a mandoline before I truly start fearing it.

Of course, I recently burnt myself pretty badly on a tea kettle. So maybe I should stick to the kitchen tools that aren't actually considered dangerous.


membrillo is a QUINCE, they are also good baked, and make great jam


Interesting concept! Love the basil on top...very colorful.

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