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November 10, 2007



I was shifting in my seat a lot reading about your opinions of Yorkies and your interpretation of justice for the Scottish :) But still, I enjoyed this piece (peas?). For some reason I am now putting on the fakest English accent ever and saying to myself, "Come on, they're just peas!!" Which is what you should tell Ann, not that I have ever tasted or seen mushy peas.

I have yet to prepare fish and chips for myself. I've had a few F&Cs prepared here, but the batter slips off them and the inside surface of the resulting "bread" is so gluey that I'm thinking something was amiss that maybe I could fix at home. Also, I have only seen malt vinegar once (and it was just this last weekend, on vacation)-- on an island thousands of miles away from here (HP Sauce sounds good, though). I could have tried F&Cs prepared by an actual Englishman here in Manila but it was at a pub that was so seedy (and probably full of tourists and their temporary concubines) that I had to skip the "authentic" experience.


Ha - you shouldn't take my comments about Yorkies and the Scots seriously, Manggy. My sister is married to a Scotsman and Yorkshire is my favourite county in England! It was traditional when I was a kid to mock the "Yorkies" because so many of them came to Cleethorpes for their holidays: something which we felt didn't speak well of their taste, considering how desperately many of us who actually had to live there couldn't wait to get away from it. :-)


A great post on fish and chips (Piece and Six). For some ignorant reason I assumed that you, Jack, were a native Londerner. Through the good offices of Google Earth I was able to view Cleethorpes and Grimsby.

In our household each child was allowed one "don't have to eat food." The same rule was imposed upon myself and siblings as children. Although my septuagenarian memory is a little faulty, I recollect that Ann was allowed to pass on peas. If true, that may contribute to her reaction to mushy peas. There are two or three eateries in the Tucson area that serve, what we think, are decent fish and chips.


Manggy, that expression om my face in the photo is exactly how I look when faced with mushy peas... and black pudding and haggis. They may be "just peas!!" but I don't want 'em.

Dad, I believe that early on I did eschew peas, but I started eating them when Mom started making that eggplant casserole-- so that I could claim eggplant as my "don't have to eat" food.


Great entry! But I'd love to see a recipe for fish and chips some time as well! We should make them sometime, haven't had fish and chips since I sampled your's at Bondi's.

JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen

That is one beautiful piece of fish! Delicious and crisp!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!


Great Post! I think you should make the real Fish & Chips next time you visit although buying fresh fish in Arizona can be a challenge!


I understand the fear of mushy peas...it took a lot of convincing for me to try them but I am glad I did because they are, surprisingly, great and not really mushy the way I thought of "mushy." Jack, this post was such fun to read.

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