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November 09, 2007



I don't suppose you have a dog? I think my little canine buddy would go nuts for your groaty pudding.

I've been cooking up some savory oatmeals myself, with mixed success. I would love to use whole oat groats, but maybe I should use up my quick oats, old fashioned rolled oats, and steel-cut oats first. Or not. :)


I just had another thought . . . the only place I've ever seen whole oats sold is the Farmers Co-op where I sometimes pick up horse feed. And they only sell it in 50 lb. bags. So you'd probably end up with 100 lbs. of groaty pudding . . . or you'd have to get really, really inventive cooking oat groats. I think I'll wait until I find them at the health food store for $10.00 for a three ounce box. :)


Hi Karyn! A helpful member of Ask MetaFIlter found a place to order the: http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=706

I suspect I may be done with Groaty Pudding... but I still have the farro and the barley to play with. I'm looking at Barley Pudding (sweet! Not savory!) recipes right now... :-)


I already posted one reply on my blog . . . but anyway, thanks for the link. I bookmarked it and will have to try whole oat groats in the near future.

No barley pudding yet in this corner, but I did just post a kasha recipe. :)


I still don't quite understand where this minor obsession with groats came from but... well, it sounds like you may have got it out of your system. :-)


Oh good, i'm not the only one with sudden food obsessions! I recently had a similar experience with millet, while some people swear by it all i ended up with was a sticky glop. It worked great for patching the wall! haha Is the beefy groat sticky enough to patch a flat tire or something? You local garage might be interested...hehehe


Jack, I promise not to make you eat the left-overs. Now hurry back!

Zenchef, millet is nice combined with brown rice, quinoa, scallions and chicken broth as a rice substitute when you're feeling healthy. The groats things... well, let's just say it was ill-advised.


Oh, I'm so happy I'm not the only one who blogs about her kitchen mistakes! Mmm, beefy oatmeal.


Oat groats is sold at Whole Foods. 99 cents a pound.


Groaty Pudding (Groaty Dick) is filling, for sure, but tastes great. You have to do it in a pot in the oven as otherwise the groats move around as it boils and this makes them go mushy. I like it with some chilli added to the mix :)


I come from the Black Country and make Groaty Pudding quite alot, especially this evening (Bonfire Night), along with Grey 'Pays' - delicious. The Groaty Pudding I make (recipe passed down generations) would definitely not be used for dog food, for one you really need to add an Oxo cube or two as this makes a huge difference to the taste, and if u haven't tried Grey 'Pays' you're really missing out. Got a pot full of both on the stove and the family are coming over. Yes I actually make it for my parents now rather than the other way around. My brother called it Dirty Dick (he forgot Groaty Dick) when he was younger ! LOL ;o)


I've been thinking about making groaty pudding as well. Floyd on Britain recommends pet food shops for whole groats. I was going to use steel cut oats, since I have those on hand and cook them in the oven at a low heat for three hours instead of the recommended 8. I think in the old days they would have used a strong beef stock that had been well reduced rather than a couple of OXO cubes which are really just mostly MSG. Thanks for clarifying that "flank steak" is "shin beef" in America. That will save me some strange looks at the meat counter.

I probably won't have a a problem with beefy oatmeal, since I love haggis, which is after all, sheepy oatmeal.

Angela Moore

I'm from the Black Country as are most of my traceable ancestors. My Dad always used to make 'Groaty Dick' on Bonfire Night, but I seem to recall he put carrots in it. We certainly never put leeks in; far too sophisticated! Any thoughts anyone?
By the way, he always used water, never stock!
Anyone with any connection to the Moore family reading this?
Angela Moore

Dave Gee

Just a variation on the theme of uses for groat, Jenny has a point with Groaty Pudding being similar in make up to Haggis. They are born from the same need to feed a family cheaply and for the meat recipe to be extended further using veg and grains. Filling and tasty.

Another use of groats is in Black Pudding - great sliced and cooked, for breakfast, with bacon (ham for some US readers), pork sausages, egg, tomato and mushroom.

@ Angela: Do you have a Scottish branch to your family tree? My friend Donald Moore (unusual name in these parts) his Grandfather named Issac was caretaker of Dudhope Barracks, Dundee, Scotland...

john leese

hi just thinking of making groaty dick for the first time found a animal feed store in lye nr stourbridge that sells groats they also sell maple peas if any one is making grey pays the shop is situated just before the one way system halesowen end hope this will help any one who is looking happy cooking

john from telford

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