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November 25, 2007



Whoa. You really are queen of the Bundt cakes!! Those look great! Thank you for not making it yet another pumpkin thing (the blogging world has been saturated of late). That orange-carrot combination is totally inspired.


Oh my, i'm drinking coffee while reading this and the sight of these babies have declenched uncontrollable drooling! Frustrating when you encounter the perfect breakfast on the screen of your computer, isn't it?
I better get cooking! haha ;-)


I just got home from visiting a friend in Mount Kisco. The first thing when I got home, as usual, was open the frige. And wham! Lucky me, Nora had left me a mini-bundt cake to enjoy. Boy is it good. Thanks mom!


You're going bundt crazy! I love the mini bundts . . . I almost bought one the other day, even though I have no space for such a thing. I did buy little, individual, star-shaped baking tins, though. I want mini star-shaped bread loaves (and pies).:)


Manggy, well these little pans are kind of irresistable! I'm already thinking about a dark date cake with a darker hot caramel sauce poured into the little holes... oh yes... Oh, and this recipe came out wonderfully-- the carrot-ornage combination really is lovely.

Zenchef, I have too many of these little babies sitting around. This is what happens when you have a SHF deadline the day after Thanksgiving... and you already have leftover pie and cookies in the kitchen. Sugar overload!

Sophie, I'm glad your sister left one for you and glad you liked it!

Karyn, apparently I have a bundt fetish. :-)


I love carrot cake. When I was in Stockholm recently I had carrot cake in abundance and they have the tradition to decorate their slices with a pretty cape gooseberry. You orange/carrot version sounds so delicious, I'll have to try it this season.

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