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November 13, 2007


Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

Oh yum yum yum. My great=grandmother used to make me french fries/chips all the time hen I came to her house after school.

!!!!!! You've totally made me nostalgic.

One thing I miss about Canada is that chip stands always have malt vinegar but in the US people are pretty much only into ketchup. Also at home you can always get your chips with gravy.

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

where "hen" = "when"


I was in Toronto this weekend and between that and my trip last month, F & C is the only food need I didn't have sated. Do you take the temperature of the oil ever, or just judge by the dip test. Here in Buffalo, Malt Vinegar is available for fries at all the best restaurants, but we keep a bottle on hand when we travel ;-)


Scotty: I only ever do the dip test, plus I've been making my own chips for so long I can almost tell when the oil's ready just by looking at it. I'm afraid I wouldn't even know what the right temperature should be. The dip test is pretty reliable though.


I'm pretty much drooling right now... Do we have a proper chip pan at home?? If so, you know what we're having next time I'm over...


Sophie: sadly not... but I plan to buy one. No matter what your mom thinks. :-)


At the risk of exposing my Anglophilic tendencies, I'm going to consult my book, "Recipes for the Nation's Favourite Food" by the BBC :) They have a different technique here-- pat the potatoes dry, then fry 8-10 minutes at 150°C/300°F/Gas Mark 2, cool on greaseproof paper (tend to your fish in the meantime), then increase the heat to 180°C/350°F and fry them again for 3 minutes. I think that's supposed to make them more crispy but still soft and yielding inside. Preferences vary! :)

I'd actually love to own a deep fryer, but we do a lot of shallow frying instead :/ it's using all that oil-- we're set in our frugal ways here :)


Ah, that's the old "double fry" technique, Manggy. Funny - a friend of mine read this post and just emailed me today to recommend the same thing. I've never bothered with it because I get good results with the single fry. I think that as long as you get the initial oil temperature right - and those few other factors I mentioned - you're fine.

Patting the uncooked chips dry is a good idea, though; I probably should have mentioned that.


I am a culinary professional, so I should be able to work your theory out without temp, but I am also a heretic - I use tempura batter for the fish . . .


Scotty - tempura batter for the fish? You are a heretic!

Seriously, I think that could work... but I worry that the traditional chip might overwhelm such a lightly battered fish. Interesting thought, though.


Oh my God...It's 12:15 am and you gave me a big craving for crisp and salty chips.
What am i going to do??? I like the idea of a single fry, i will try that soon!


Jack: I've got a lovely pan, high sided stainless steel from Farberware -- it came with a basket and a lid with a cut-out for the basket handle. I don't know if it's a "proper" chip pan -- but it certainly works perfectly as one. http://www.farberwarecookware.com/popups/71228.html


That looks like a pretty regular chip pan to me, Marla!

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