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November 06, 2007



I love the study of the cantelope, and, of course, the chicken/rooster. It's amazing the chicken painting is still wet!


You're making me want to pull out my paints. :)

Sadly, I have no room and no natural light with which to paint . . . reconnecting with the canvas will have to wait until I'm completely on my own.

At least I work in an art museum and get to *see* art . . .


I love The Chicken Painting too.. what personality it has!
I'm craving a slice of sweet cantaloupe now.. mmmm.


My decor is more Guy Buffet http://www.guybuffet.com/

french tart

i love the chicken painting!! i have no paintings in my kitchen, but i'm feeling inspiration coming ever since i read your original post on the subject. it's been years since i've drawn or painted, though - i'll have to dig out my art supply box containing my leftovers from art school. my fingers are tingling with anticipation!


Sophie, I especially love the cantelope, too.

karyn, we discussed this elsewhere, but I really, really think you should pull out those paints!

suzanne, thanks for stopping by! I'm really enjoying your blog!

scotty, how well that matches the tone of your blog... :-)

frenchtart, oh, I do hope you're fingers keep tingling until your kitchens walls are covered in paintings! Let me know!

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