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November 27, 2007



WHOA!!! Cool kitchen! I feel like a redesign of my own!


i love it!


Thank you for writing such a lovely post about my kitchen Ann! I feel honoured to share all this space on your blog! Now maybe I should take on your kitchen?


Manggy, great, isn't it?

frenchtart, I love it too!

Ronell, I love your kitchen AND your paintings, and it was my pleasure to write this (as you know I'm a little nutty about food and kitchen art). And good lord, NO, you should not take on my kitchen! It's a complete and utter mess! :-)


I love this kitchen! Looks like so much fun. I've always wanted a kitchen with pots and pans hanging, so it looks perfect.


Oh, it's gorgeous! I love that it looks so cozily full of useful things - and that wall color was a wonderful choice.


Beautiful kitchen and beautiful writng...


wow. what a beautiful kitchen.


Wow, that's the coolest kitchen ever. I love the stuff hanging from the ceilings, very french!


I have total kitchen envy at this moment: my kitchen is not even as big as a walk in closet. It does have a view of the space needle though...

Still-swoon. Tres Frenchie!


Sophie, that makes two of us!

anna, doesn't it make you want to re-organize right now?!

Lisa, I knew you'd like it!

ksklein, I bet your kitchen is pretty amazing too, judging by your blog. :-)

Zenchef, now I'm curious... what does your kitchen look like?

cakespy, I know all about The Inadequate Kitchen. :-) I envy you your view... mine is of the garbage-cluttered next door roof-top.

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