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November 20, 2007


african vanielje

They're great Ann, just my cup of tea. I love colourful and slightly naive art, with a little kitsch thrown in (must be my African roots.)

I'm sorry about all my changes but I've just set up a new self hosted site so my new URL (and final one) is http://vanielje.com/blog.

I'm sorry, but you'll have to redo your technorati faves as well. It's sooo annoying isn't it?


They're so cute!!


I like the bunnies best - kitsch, but rendered in a whimsical and playful style. You're making me want to pull out my paints (sadly, they're currently locked in storage). Oh well. Maybe art supplies will have to go on my Christmas list. :)


The pigs are so dear.....

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

I love this artist! How fabulous! How much?


Inge, I love them too... particularly that the naivete is so tongue-in-cheek. I determined to get one of thier paintings!

Michelle, aren't they lovely?

Karyn, it's clear to me that you need to start painting again. :-)

Lisa, "dear" is exactly the right word, I think.

Kyla, fabulous is right... and I have no idea how much-- my inquiry ended when I discovered that Joy of Cooking had already been sold.

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