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November 02, 2007



I would covet the vegetable studies, too! Great post.


Damn, I've only been away a day and that post made me miss our kitchen!

french tart

oh, i just love the paintings by your daughter! and the matchbook ones are little gems. I covet those. please let us know if you happen to run across more at any street fairs!

btw enjoying your blog immensely. :)


I promise to let you know immediately next time I see the matchbook prints.

Look for more of my daughter's work... I've told her she's going to become my blog illustrator. Pretty good stuff for a 15 year old, no? :-)

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

Love love love your blog. Great idea to post on kitchen art. I think because I already have a fetish for old kitchen objects I never think of putting up art in the kitchen, so my own is decorated with blue glass bottles, old mason jars and so on.

I love your daughter's art: obviously a future Matisse.


Tell your daughter to keep up painting - time/space/light constraints forced me to give up painting and drawing for now, and I really, really miss doing more than doodling.

A word of warning however: my mom put my old fruit and vegetable still lives all over the kitchen. Now, I hate them because I could do so much better today. Let your daughter know that she should keep on painting new stuff for her mom, that way she doesn't have to keep looking at the "same old, same old."


Hi Ann,
Great post. I'm inspired to put up some art in my kitchen now--and I'd love to get a hold of those fruit studies, too.


Karyn, thanks for the advice! I just left a sort of all over the place comment on your blog about your angel food cake, as well as a response to your comment above, so I won't repeat it here.

Yulinka, let me know how your kitchen as An Important Room Containing Art goes. :-)

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