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November 14, 2007



The soup sounds just perfect! And best of all, your pantry will be empty afterwards (more shopping!!). Jamie Oliver made a similar soup, but with leeks and chickpeas (I prefer potatoes). I'd purée only half the soup, though, I love de big chunks.

Welcome back to Jack!


Love love LOVE these baby frittatas! They sounds so rich and comforting and delicious -- and your photo is beautiful! You're giving me dinner ideas...


Baby frittatas look so cute! I love mini foods. It's a real problem. Not only do I want baby pears and apples, but I'm also willing to spend more on them. :)


Now I'm very hungry...Jack is a lucky man....


Hey - just wanted to offer my congrats on your big bundt win! Woot woot!


Manggy, there is something very satisfying about making something out of nearly nothing. I like the chunks, too, but I was a little distracted by last-minute coordination of the soup and frittatas. :-)

cookiepie, thanks! There is something intrinically appealing about small things, no?

karyn, I love baby foods, too. I have a special fondness for tiny eggplants... and thanks for alerting me to the win!

Lisa, wish you'd been here... I miss you.


Clever fritatta idea! Those are too cute.


Lisa - yes, I am. And I have the sense to realise it. :-)


love it! i had a feeling mine would fall, since they're basically savory souffles, but without all the annoying buttering and cornmeal-ing of the ramekins!

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