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December 31, 2007



Happy New Year and happy birthday, love.

I like your list. Some of those make me think you're probably wiser than me. :-)

Cindy Revell

Excellent list, Ann, well put.



Great list. I agree about comments=present. Happy birthday and happy New Year!


Happy Birthday -- Happy New Year. I completely understand about holiday birthdays, since everyone in my immediate family enjoys/suffers the same -- all different holidays, too! Welcome to the Daring Bakers, too.


I love your list, Ann. Happy Birthday - and Happy New Year. With love...

Gretchen Noelle

A very Happy Birthday wish to you! Until 2008...

Mary Anne (Mom)

What an ambitious and wonderful list you have come up with. I find it nearly impossible to believe that my "little girl" will reach such a ripe age tomorrow. You have become a beautiful and wise woman. We love you.(

Susan from Food Blogga

This list reflects wisdom, Ann. And thank goodness for #50 because I LOVE eating asparagus with my fingers. May your birthday be magical.
PS-Where did you find the white sprinkles on the side of the cake? They're so pretty.

Wicked Good Dinner

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday, with many happy more!



Ann, what a wonderful list. I love your comments about loving & living with another person. I've saved them for future reference when I'm being selfish! :)

Thank you thank you for your advice on NY restaurants. You can imagine the scene when I whipped out a camera in the middle of Eleven Madison Park! I had to. I wanted to show you first of all... and was clearly inspired by your food blog!

I think we were having the most fun in the restaurant too, because our neighbors sitting next to us kept glancing over at us like I was a bit crazy, but then started loosening up & laughing a little bit louder.

Happy birthday my wonderful blog buddy!
50 is fabulous!


Happy birthday again Ann! I realize I might be the same age as Sophie :) (Sophie=wisdom, how neat!)

#25 = JACK! It's a hint for you. Kidding!

#38 = I'm not a woman, but I have to agree that metaphorically or otherwise this is so true! LOL!


Happy birthday, Anne!


Jpoyeuse anniversaire...veels geluk...happy birthday Anne! May this new year(x2) be filled with ecstatic moments of joy and a joie de vivre to keep you going for another 50! What a wonderful list you have here, may I print it for my fridge..I love them all, good reminders of how to just take life as it arrives on your doorstep. I feel honoured to share this one with you and I'm looking forward to the rest - many more recipes and learning curves, fun and bright ideas, "food, wine and items of interest as they arise".


I said that?! How wise!
That's a great list. Happy birthday, Mom.


By the way... Manggy, how old are you? ;-)


Happy birthday Ann. As your sister I have known you are wise and wonderful my whole life (I also know you can pinch hard). Your list is beautiful as are you. xoxo


The happiest of birthdays to you -- I hope it's the beginning of a wonderful year! That's a wise and fabulous list -- and one I shall print out and read often. Thanks for being the amazing person that you are. I'm so glad we met.


Sophie - As your mom may have no doubt told you, I am 26, soooo I was more than a little off. But apparently about the same age as Ben :)


Great list. I particularly identify with # 41.

Happy birthday!

african vanielje

What an amazingly auspicious day to have a birthday. Hope the next year is filled with magic and laughter for you Anne.


Happy birthday and happy new year. I enjoyed your post. I think I'd like to make a list of 50 things I know by the time I'm 50. I have a few years ... I'll need it.


Thank you, everyone for the nice birthday wishes!

susan, in the interest of full disclosure (item 23) that cake is a stock photo-- I was taken out to dinner for my birthday, so there was no homemade cake this year-- but I wanted an image to convey the new year. I've seen those white sprinkles for sale though, and they ARE pretty. :-)


Happy belated birthday, happy belated New Year and thank YOU... what wonderful words of wisdom!


Happy belated Birthday! It took me that long to get over my hangover! :-)
Thank you for the words of wisdom! Best wishes to you!


happy new year! i must have missed this entry when i read your blog last week. my sister in law and my mom have the same birthday as you do, and my sister in law (who is also my best friend) has lamented about not liking her birthday either. she's always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to a celebration of any kind. i made sure this year to remember it and send something (even though she lives in Raleigh and i live in Atlanta).

i'm creeping up on 40 (in a year and a half) and i keep wondering why everything is going by too quickly for me to properly enjoy.

love your list. it's all true.

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