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December 01, 2007



Wow, Jack, you have a very poetic and precise way of describing your surroundings. Excellent. That poached egg on toast was brunch? It looks perfect.

I was going to say something about people using the grungy beauty of the suburbs as an excuse to remain absolute pigs with the dumping of garbage and the random spitting, but I realised I was projecting my own feelings about crazy Manila. These photos don't look disgusting (wow, if you hadn't read that in context, it sounds terrible!). Of course, there probably were really scary alleys but I guess you didn't want pictures of that!


Thanks, Manggy. We don't have alleys in New York. Streets, subways, tunnels and bridges, but no alleys. Plenty of rats, though!


Hey Jack, great post!
I want to dig into that salad right now, it sounds like the perfect brunch! It's a shame that these little neighborhood restaurants are rapidly disappearing.
Thank you for the walk through Brooklyn, it was a very interesting read!


Glad you enjoyed it ZenChef. Yes, that poached egg over pesto and mushroom dish is every bit as delicious as it looks. I'm glad the Park Luncheonette's makeover seems to have been a success.

african vanielje

I love bridges, for their beautiful symmetry, their gravity defying aerobatics and their symbolism. Growing up is not such a bad thing. Maybe it's time for Williamsburg to let somewhere else be the new hot young thing. Life's a cycle. Very emotive post. thank you


Now that is just about my favorite kind of salad...fresh, a perfectly softly poached egg and a slice of wholesome bread! Beautuful pictures - I think I must be the only person whos hasn't been to NY yet! A beautiful view on the city and I'm also a bridge person, which makes me love your bridge...thanks for delightful post!


Vanielje - absolutely. Williamsburg had to grow up or remain run-down, and I'm glad it's the former.

Ronell - I have a fondness for the Williamsburg bridge not only because it's our bridge but also because it's not as famous and good-looking as the Brooklyn Bridge. I like underdogs :-)

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