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December 27, 2007



"Soon, the banging was occurring directly on my door.."
Goodness, I had to do a double-take on that line. I am filthy.

I've heard of HP sauce but haven't seen it-- isn't it more like A1 steak sauce than Worcestershire sauce? Am I getting my branded sauces mixed up? Regardless, that picture does look incredibly tasty :)


I love this post! And now I know a little bit too much about you...
But still, don't forget this was one of my favorite meals! Darn vegetarianism.


I just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed your story. You're a good writer. That bolognese doesn't look very bolognese-y but no matter.


Manggy - yeah, the possibility of misinterpretation did occur to me but I thought, "no one will have that dirty a mind here." Wrong!

HP is more like A1 than Worcestershire, yes. But that works too.

Sophie - too much? I'd better tone down future episodes then. I'll get the blue pencil out... :-)

Tracy - Thanks! You're right, it doesn't look Bolognesey. That's why I called it "Spaghetti Bolognesish"!


Thank you for pointing out why i wasn't good in science and math. I wasn't drunk enough!
Damn if only i knew back then...

french tart

Manggy, I have a bottle of HP sauce in the fridge, and i think i may have found it at Whole Foods, but there may be cheaper places in the US to find it. i put it on a lot of things - and my mom would be appalled (she's 100% French).

damn good on eggs, and baked potato. looking forward to trying it with this recipe, Jack!

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