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December 22, 2007



Beautiful Ann.....

african vanielje

Ann, it looks amazingly good, and welcome to the daring bakers. Hope you have a fab Christmas.


Ooh, I thought they were all going to be chocolate. Excellent work, Ann. Good on you, trying swiss BC for the first time. Looks highly successful to me :) A very thoroughly mushroom-infested log, hee hee :) I'm not part of the DBs, so I guess I'm going to cancel my plans of making a Buche de Noel, hahaha!


Good on you for trying Swiss BC for the first time! It looks highly successful, very mushroom-infested hee hee :)


Beautiful work. It was quite the fun challenge. I so glad that I've joined the group!!


Your yule log came together so nicely, Ann! Beautiful work!


wow i love your yule log!! its indeed a great challenge for all of us!! happy holidays!!


Yours came out nice :)


wow, i love those mushrooms popping out!


Welcome to the Daring bakers. Your log turned out wonderfully by the looks of it, and I look forward to seeing your entries in future months too.


Youe log is impressive. Job well done!


Great log! I love that it's so shroomy! Now I wish I had flavored my genoise with chocolate too. There can never be too much chocolate! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

OMG my favorite dessert EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gorgeous and I like all the extra mushrooms.... Happy holidays!


Hi Ann, What a beautiful looking cake! It would be a wonderful addition to any Christmas feast.

Beth G

Great job on your first challenge- you rocked it!! :)


Beautiful first challenge. Welcome to the DBs!


hey that is a helluva lot of mushrooms and all loooking good!Lovely first challenge!

Christmas Bellini Valli

Beautiful Buche de Noel!! I had so much fun for my first challenge.


So beautiful. Love your mushrooms!


The more mushrooms the better as far as I'm concerned. Great job and welcome to DB!


if that doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, i don't know what would. it looks so great!!!!


Your log is stunning. Congratulations and welcome on board.


Great job on the challenge---Welcome to DB! My buttercream almost curdled, I was so nervous! I'm glad yours came out so wonderfully!! :)


AAAH. I'm convinced all the baking bloggers are trying to kill me. I love buche de noel, and that looks absolutely mouthwatering.

I have a holiday job in the kitchens of a big hotel. If I'm in the pastry kitchen this time and I'm seized by the urge to make off with an entire buche de noel, I'm blaming you. :P


Hmmm. First I'll learn to make decent-looking Christmas cookies. Then I'll join daring bakers!

I'm in awe - it looks wonderful!

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