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December 14, 2007



Couldn't be more perfect for this month's theme! Thanks a lot!


Now that's a no-cook dinner done right! (I'm glad you didn't include a recipe for Rice Krispies with sliced fruit and milk) :)


I think exam period has drained all the omega-3 fatty acids from my overtaxed brain... just the thought of fish (smoked or fresh) is enough to make me hungry.

Where might I find that Meyer-lemon-infused olive oil? It sounds lovely. :)


Oh Anne, I'm all for simple, which is when you do get to the real flavours of eac ingredient. And this is a lovely combination, fresh and clean...capers, dill and salmon, just perfect! I once made a potato salad, which I thought was very inventive and when we sat down for dinner, my youngest(very outspoken) pushed around the salad and commented that the salad was too complicated to eat. She feels confused among all the flavours! And she was dead right. Well, that brought me back to "humble"!


ilva, well... "quick and easy" were the operative words and it just doesn't get much quicker or easier. :-)

Karyn, would I EVER post such a thing? :-)

Adele, when are those damned exams over, anyway?

Ronell, my favorite dishes are those that let the ingredients speak for themselves, as this one does.


Last exam on Thursday. I can't wait. :)


Salmon and dill are one of my favorite combinations. This sounds wonderful!

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