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December 24, 2007



Yummy, I would like to eat a slice of your special bread pudding right now!

Thank you for your participation in SHF.


I adore bread pudding. I'm gaining weight (and salivating) just from looking at the pictures!


I love bread pudding but have never tried to make it at home. This recipe is definitely rich enough for my tastes--yum!


This sounds awesome! I really like anything with honey and the bread pudding looks scrumptious.


Truffle honey? Now that's something I haven't heard of. What an intriguing dessert. :)


wow Anne, that pudding sure looks different, and the ingredients are tempting me to try a hand at this:) I make bread pudding too but never tried truffle honey...thanks for the idea!



Wow.. I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at that dessert.. but what a way to go! Fantastic recipe thank you for sharing.


This pudding looks and sounds delicious - excellent choice!


Bread puddings is one of the most decadent dessert ever.. but with truffle honey? That's beyond the conceivable! Wow...i need to go for a walk!

btw: Happy Birthday! Have a good time at Chanterelle!


Zorra, participating was my pleasure. And I mean that literally. :-)

Karyn, I've made a lot of bread pudding over the years but this one... *swoon*

JEP, if you try it drop a line and let me know what you think...

Stef, awesome is the right word for it. I love how rustic and unassuming it looks and then how outrageously decadent it tastes!

Adele, truffle honey is like crack. Once you've had it...

Mansi, let me know how it turns out!

kiriel, this is one of those recipes you stumble onto and then wonder how you lived without it.

Cakelaw, it was so good we licked our bowls. :-)

Zenchef, make it for the bossman and then ask for a raise. :-) Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm looking forward to Chanterelle.

Sharon M.

This sounds wonderful! I tried a new bread pudding this year which was a big hit with guests - pumpkin bread pudding with bourbon toffee sauce and whipped cream. It's baked in a round spring form pan, so it's very attractive on a cake pedestal. I'll get around to putting it on my blog eventually.


Ooooh this looks good! I've never heard of truffle honey before, but it must be wonderful. I like the story of how you ended up making this recipe. And the blue and white dish is so pretty too!


Sharon, your pumpkin bread pudding sounds amazing!

Anali, this recipe will change your idea of what bread pudding is forever-- even if you already adore bread pudding. :-)

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