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December 30, 2007



Excellent! You are single-handedly reviving my love for flatbreads. Have never seen sumac before in my life, though. Ditto for unhulled sesame seeds.


This recipe really inspires me! I love anything flatbread but this has a category of it's own, it's a rockstar of flatbread!
On my TO DO list!

Happy New Year to you! :-)


The day you make onion kulcha is the day I track you down and move into your place! These look terrific.

(I'll reply to your e-mail tomorrow. I'm not ignoring you, I promise!)

melinda kumar

i am LOVING this armenian-food roll you are on...i can't wait to see what is next...mel :-)


Manggy, this one is pretty irrestible. And the za'atar is easy to make. Who knew?!

Zenchef, if you make it let me know what you think. I still make your truffled toast with egg... and, man, it's favorite around here.

Karyn, I was actually going to make this "The Year of The Flatbread," so I see no reason why I shouldn't move on to naan very soon. You'll have to sleep on the couch, though. :-)

Mel, I'm not sure this one is Armenian-- and I don't want to set off a debate. :-) What I am sure of is that it's delicious!


this looks delicious..I just told Hartman(my husb) that tonight I feel like something pizzalike, something salty, but without all that cheese. I'm actually very ignorant when it comes to all these interesting flatbreads, well, actually...I'm quite ignorant about a lot of things, but I might just have a go at this za'atar bread.


Ronell, it's surprisingly easy. Let me know what you think!


Dear Cooks

I was born in Egypt from a sefaradic family. My grand ma use to make Reghif ala reghif. Does anybody know the recipe? please help.


If you like za'atar bread and lachmagine and live in Brooklyn, you must come shopping on Kings Highway in Brooklyn (right off the F train). Pita Sababa bakery (Kings Highway and E 4 more or less) makes a great za'atar pita (come early, it disappears fast) and you can find all the fixings for lachmagine and other Syrian specialties in the groceries across the street and down the block. Enjoy.


Love this dish eat it all the time!!!!


can you just bake it in the oven??

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