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January 25, 2008



Ann, you seem to know a lot about world cuisine... Do you have a background in Mediterranian culture?
Yeah, that looks like an easy breakfast-on-the-go (easier with instant couscous too... though I'm not familiar with how it'll affect the taste). Double-easier if you mix in powdered skim milk, if you can find it. Double-delicious if you use whole milk, heh heh :) ... though I probably shouldn't (stares at tummy)


I do recommend this to anyone fancying a healthy but surprisingly tasty and filling breakfast. It's a little marvel.


Mm! A nice variation on the more expected granola. I like it! I feel like I have had something similar but made with Wheat Berries. I love couscous though, so I'm sure I would like this!


Oh!....how I love Middle-Eastern recipes! A perfect change of pace from the steel-cut oats I usually dish out in the morning when I'm not hitting the eggs.


Hey, this is the second breakfast couscous recipe I've come across in the past few weeks... gotta try one.
(The other was on Stephanie's 'A Whisk and A Spoon' blog)


Of course - why didn't I think of making couscous for breakfast - I like all the ingredients - what could be bad? I just always thought of couscous paired with savory and I guess the answer to that is why?


I love this couscous! And it's healthy too, which is great.


I love couscous but I've never had it for breakfast. What a great idea and so healthy!


Hmm. This looks like it could be an interesting light dessert too - an alternative to rice pudding, perhaps?


I like this idea a lot! I've been wanting to try something similar, but with quinoa - to keep me full all morning! Thanks for the inspiration!


Mmm...these ingredients work for me!

Susan from Food Blogga

I'm planning a post on breakfast couscous based on one I had with apricots and raisins. Though lately I'm addicted to cranberries and pistachios, which I'll probably post on. Looks like I'll try your delicious combo next! And hooray for something other than oatmeal!


Never would have thought of a couscous breakfast. But i love couscous..so what the hell!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner works for me!

Gretchen Noelle

I think whole grains are the best breakfast food! This looks delicious!

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

What a good idea -- especially in the weather we've been having.


I've never heard of a sweet couscous but what an interesting idea for breakfast. It sounds delicious and I'm always looking for a healthy breakfast, especially one that can be put together quickly.


Manggy, I enough about those things I get curious about. :-)

Jack, so sweet, as always. <3

cakespy, try it!

Susan, what's nice about this is that it's pretty good with a tagine, too.

Chris, I guess great minds think alike!

giz, funny how we get in "taste ruts," isn't it?

Sophie, you are a couscous maniac!

Suzana, and so easy to make!

Adele, it's a lovely dessert, but not nearly as sweet as bread pudding usually is.

Michelle, quinoa would be even healthier!

JEP, glad to hear it!

Susan, looking forward to that post! Pistachios would be a wonderful substitute for walnuts!

Zenchef, make it for the Bossman!

Gretchen, thanks! I really like it.

Kyla, it makes a really nice change.

Julie, this one is really easy. let me know if you try it.


My husband has so few teeth left that he must only eat soft/pureed foods.

As an RN and certified fodd training specialist, I worry that he isn't getting enough roughage in his limited diet.

Tried this recipe and personally, I thought it was delicious. Sadly, it proved rather disasterous for Chuck.

I will make it again for myself though. THANKS!

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