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January 28, 2008



Looks really good. I know my mom has been talking about joining Daring Bakers. I might recommend that she e-mail you for more information because she seemed uncertain about how it works.

I'm going to star this recipe and give it a try for a special occasion.


Mini pies-- of course :) I love lemon meringue pie. You didn't have a problem with the filling, I see-- some have reported that it either wept or did not set.

Foodie Froggy

Great tartlets ! Look yummy !


I love your Mini Pies and your beautiful plates.

Gretchen Noelle

Of course you mini-ized them! :) These look great, I especially like the look of the meringue ring around the tart instead of a full covering. Very nice!


as usual gorgeous DB challenge execution!!! i love those mini pies and the peaks they look really delicious :-)


You've got some perfect mini pies...btw, those plates look good too ;-)


The long neck rosettes are rather whimsical and I love the plates too.


Your mini pies are absolutely beautiful, Anne! Congrats on a very successful venture!

Next time I give LMP a try, I think I'll try the broiling method.


My allegiance in lemony baked goods lies with tarte au citron, but those look tasty enough that I might have to visit the dark side sometime soon. :P


i should have made mini pies! those look just awesome, and adorable!

Big Boys Oven

oh they looks so adorable....and wanting one now!


hey your tartlets look so cute!


I love the ring of meringue in the first photo! It looks awesome! Ok, looking at everyone's meringues is making me hungry. I'm going to go eat one of mine now. =)


Lovely tarts on lovely plates!


Lovely pies, Ann! I so wished mine had turned out a little more like those!


Your tarts look perfect!!


I love your mini pies! The piping on ther meringue is so darling :)


I love the little tartlets. I was tempted to make them but ran out of time. I shall definitely try them as I have some lovely small quiche tins.


wow, your pies look adorable! i couldn't be bothered with all that decorating and went for a traditional big pie instead. but the next afternoon tea is just round the corner and guess where i'll be drawing inspiration!!!


Beautiful mini pies!! The piping is very pretty!

desie the maybahay

very very cute. well done :-)


They're so cute! And just look what you did with the meringue topping! I'm so impressed!


Your mini pies are lovely!! Gloria


I love the picture of the tart in the background...with the "floppy hat" meringue. :) Great job! (and I am still planning my mini pie for this month...so much to bake...so little time.) :)

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