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January 20, 2008



i know what you mean! i did somewhat well on produce on friday, considering it's winter (baby bak choi and fresh edamame!), but what i was most excited about was the cheese and bread i picked up! this looks amazing though -- yum!


This looks amazing! Fresh ravioli is always a treat.


Now I'm hungry for the four-cheese ravoli in a light cheese sauce on top of marinara featured at local restaurant. It is way too COLD here in Indiana!!


This is probably one of the most satisfying dish EVER! Looks great!
You still haven't spotted the Zen-man at the Greenmarket? Next week i'll bring a flag :-)


Ooh, that's nice, I just came into a bunch of fresh thyme. My aunt stole my pasta machine though (or rather, she took back what was hers), so I can't make any more ravioli.

I didn't know NYC rooftop honey was a "thing!" I thought it was just something they made up on the television show "Pushing Daisies."

Yikes, you know, everyone who was actually in the dead of winter and blogging about it has been miserable! I'm very curious to find out what freezing-cold weather's all about but for the most part I guess we have to be thankful our lumbs aren't falling off!


katy, I'm ready for spring veggies, no doubt about it.

Sophie, we'll have some next time you're here, sweetie.

JEP, I envy you your "proper" winter. I LIKE cold weather!

ZenChef, what time do you go on Saurdays, anyway? :-)

Manggy, oh no... the roof-top honey is real... and delicious. Um, what's a "lumb"? :-)


ah, we did the big cheese-shop at the greenmarket this weekend. It just hasn't been the right weather for the produce that's available. I haven't had a parsnip-hankering once this year, and that's just weird! Where did you get the ravioli? or did you make them from greenmarket cheese? Hmmmm... now that I think about it, that's a great idea!


ann, we bought the ravioli... and I can't remember which stall it was.

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