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January 16, 2008



Awesome! Now spend $2.55 for dessert :)
It's always the dairy products that push the budget over the edge, isn't it? The price of a refined palate! (I say this because you could have easily shredded some, er, Velveeta or cheaper substitute.)


Yowzer - I absolutely have to try this one - it looks fantastic and really unusual. Well done you.


Food spending is something I have to work on. I'm fairly sure that my meals themselves are inexpensive, but I really need to do something about my not-so-cheap love affair with Greek yogurt and novelty-colored vegetables.

I like the ring bread idea. It's like pizza in a tube.


oh my gosh. stuffed bread is absolutely going on my to-do recipe list! this looks just incredible.

also, on the 20 minute rule -- what is the point of cooking fast? i mean, we are all cooking because we enjoy it, not just to get dinner on the table, you know? pretty much my favorite thing to do (on the weekends, at least) is spend several hours preparing various parts of a really good meal -- preferrably with good music on, and a glass of wine in hand for the last hour or so! trying to squash that all into 20 minutes would totally stress me out. :-)


This looks good. Plus it covers all of the major food groups in one bite.

Susan from Food Blogga

One of my husband's all time favorite foods is his mom's sausage bread. It too was made with egg. I've tried making it a couple times myself, and it never came quite as good as hers, though Jeff is too sweet to ever say it anyway. Yours looks beautiful. I love the way the loaf puffed out and the exterior got so crispy.


Manggy - I actually would have spent something on an extra side dish had I known it would work out so cheap. But this really does make a filling meal by itself, so I decided not to. Velveeta though? Eww!

Giz - Thanks. Do try it. It's fun to make and I guarantee it'll be really popular. And disappear really fast!

Karyn - It was interesting cooking to a tight budget. Of course when I was younger I used to do it all the time but in my old... I mean middle... age, I've kinda got out of the habit. I suppose this is a sort-of calzone-like creation, but the filling tastes more like a savoury pie thing than anything you'd generally find on - or in - a pizza.

Katy - I'm right with you on the speed thing... and the cooking with a glass of wine in hand! I don't like to be rushed.

Psychgrad - It is good. But maybe a little bit sinful...

Susan - This version of sausage bread is fairly easy. The only tricky part is forming the ring and as long as you stick to it with patience even that isn't so bad.


I am loving this, especially for hurried friday nights before my husband goes to play music. He needs substance and I need easy and cheap :)


What an amazing photo! Fantastic post, too!


I used to love watching reruns of "Ready, Steady, Cook" on PBS when I was a kid - haven't thought of it in years. I'll let you know when I attempt my veggie sausage version of this lovely recipe!


I take the sausage, the bread and the mozzarella... you can keep the salad! :-)


I tried this last weekend and it came out very nicely. The only thing I had a problem with was the moisture level after I added the egg and cheese. Some of the moisture helped to bind the dough, but I had some sections where I had breaks in the dough that didn't mend too well. I loved this though, and I think I'll make another one next weekend.


My family LOVED this recipe. I used Rhodes Frozen Bread dough it is easy to work with and tastes close to homemade. Thank you for sharing.

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