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January 11, 2008



Well, those looks just perfect! Looks like you're all set! Smaller spheres will not be as stressed, so their surfaces will be much smoother. I've never had a gougere before. I've not even breathed the exhaust that comes from the French Laundry :D


Ahem, *look* just perfect. Sorry :)


Sorry, after spending a year constantly making choux past "swans" filled with pastry cream, I don't ever want to touch it again . . . .


mastering chou pastry is a wonderful thing. you'll be making towering croquembouches before you know it!


could there be a more perfect food? i think not.


Gruyère strikes again! Nice. Pâte à choux is probably the least difficult of the French pastries and the foundation for so many desserts. You are on your way!

Susan from Food Blogga

Um, I kind of like them on the large side. What does that say about me? ;)
Wishing I had one right now... Susan


Yes Gruyère Gougères are very good. I make them for my boyfriend "Big Bear" all the time (he is so cute - he looks exactly like Bobby Hill on the "King of the Hill" program).

Of course, I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF with a Master's certification as a PASTRY CHEF from Peter Kump's Culinary Institute in Brooklyn, so they do not present a challenge to me.

You can check out some of my other professional recipes (and photos of the 437-pound "Big Bear") on my internationally-famous website at MySpace (therealchiffonade).

Thanks for the post.


manggy, thanks! I'll be interested to see if they crack less when I make them smaller.

scotty, I felt that way about buttercream for a while after a couple of years as a cake finisher. But I got over it. :-)

frenchtart, one step at a time. :-) I was thinking of a saint honore cake first.

susan, I had some idea about gougères being difficult, but it was so easy! :-)

Susan from Food Blogga, um... that you like your gougeres? :-)

chiffOnade, I don't think gougères present a challenge to anyone who actually tries to make them. They're ridiculously simple to make for something so delicious. :-)


Your gougeres look wonderful, perfect for a soup.


These look excellent, Ann! But even more enticing to me is the possibility of a religieuse writeup soon????


Oooh. These look absolutely delicious. :)

I'm back in Boston, and I promise I'll resume posting as soon as I've dejetlagged.


Good job! I'd sure like to taste one of these:)


Gougères are also on my list for this year. I have visions of croquembouche as the centerpiece of my dessert table for my holiday party this year. This recipe looks just lovely - I have it on my list to try for my next get together. Thank you for sharing.


Ronell, thanks!

Cakespy, creampuffs are next, I think. :-)

Adele! Welcome back!

JEP, glad to see you keeping to your resolution! :-)

Natanya, They are surprisingly easy to make. And croquembouche is on my list, too!



I'm sorry. That was my husband Chuck posting as Chiffonade. http://docchuck.blogspot.com/2007/12/what-im-all-about.html

He's got a bee in his bonnet over her. I can't figure out why. Pay him no mind.

Your Gougères look heavenly. I had some as an amuse bouche at Taillevent in Paris (with my first husband) and have been hooked on them ever since. I agree that they are very easy to make, but you need to use GOOD gruyere.

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