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January 21, 2008



(Ann's on a "roll!" Get it? ROLL? 'Cause of all... the... bread? No? Haha :)
Seriously, that would be PERFECT with a hearty soup. A thick chowder comes to mind (and ties it in with the potatoes).


Manggy - Ann? What's Ann got to do with it? :-)


BWAH! Teach me not to assume the who the writer is (Benny Hill: "never assume, it makes an ass out of u and me."). I equate any bread on this site with Ann. Out of pride I will never believe that you made it. Kidding! Sorry, Jack :)


This would take me alone about 25 minutes to finish - in entirety


This looks like the perfect accompaniment for a bowl of vegetable soup. Except that I'd probably polish off the entire loaf before I ever got around to making the soup. :P


giz - my advice is try to resist eating a slice while it's still warm, if you want to avoid finishing the whole thing. Because it really is irresistible then!

Adele - oh yes, this definitely goes well with soup.


Few foods come close to a freshly baked bread.There is something so satisfying about taking a golden crusted bread out of the oven and having a knob of butter melt into a slice....now I can't stand it any more and I'm not browsing foodposts any more...off to my consoling cup of coffee.


yum! i saw this event and was trying to figure out what would be quintessentially "new york" ingredients! i got as far as bagels and pizza, and realized those didn't go too well into bread. i'll continue to ponder...

Gretchen Noelle

Jack, Thanks so much for entering the Homegrown Gourmet event. This bread really sounds delicious and there is a rather good chance of me trying it. Yum! I bet this would make an incredible sandwich bread. Thanks again and great job!


GREAT loaf ... I think there's a serious chance of my making this;) I've been wanting a good cheesebread recipe for a while ...



Hi - I made this last week and will post on it within the next day or two - it was divine and wanted to say many many thanks for a wonderful recipe - I did a few changes but basically followed your recipe


Love the ruggedness!mmm warm with butter...soryy just dreaming there! :o)

baking history

This recipe contains many of my favorites: from goat cheese to potatoes, onions, and mustard...great combination. I saved this and will make it soon to serve with some nice soup.


Wow, that looks great. Goat cheese and mustard...yum!


Wow, this looks great.


Wow, Jack! This looks seriously tasty!


Great looking bread. What interesting ingredients. Would be excellent though with a nice bowl of homemade soup!

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