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January 17, 2008



Mmmmmm, this looks so yummy! I've baked a filled foccacia a couple of days ago and everybody loved it. I'll have to try these lovely recipe. :)


oooh! i totally want to try this! bread is my downfall, my greatest food love. thanks for posting the link to the Northern Indian Breads tutorial. i love new internet reading material.


I have a passion for flatbreads - this one looks amazing. Do you happen to have a recipe for Lebanese flatbread - my absolute favourite.


Oooh. Indian bread that doesn't require me to muck about with yeast? I am definitely trying this. :)


oh gosh, YUM. these look amazing. and i love that there's no yeast! for some reason, even after baking bread at least a dozen times, i'm still a little scared of yeast recipes (and they take sooooo long!). i am definitely going to make this! and i'll look at the tutorial -- hopefully my stuffed-flatbread-making skills will improve!


Oh this is awesome -- one of my faves at Indian restaurants. Gotta try it!!!


I'm taking the next train to New York. Just see if I don't.


Yaay! Bookmarked. (Hee, I love that you said "threatened" to move in with you.) I have never tried Naan... or a lot of Indian/Middle Eastern food... (ugh, one of these days I will have to eat separately from my family... We have one wet blanket of a family friend who always tags along and is always scared of new things...)

Thank God our local "Bread Talk" carries Naan. Will give it a shot first.


I cook A LOT of Indian. Bread is next on the list. These are "almost" too beautiful to eat. ; )


This looks amazing, Ann! You've also been tagged!
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Another drool-worthy photo!


Wonderful recipe for our favorite "dipping bread." Especially delicious with steamed mussels in a rich garlic butter sauce.

"Store bought" naan is ALWAYS a disappointment.

Thanks for the great method and the super photo.


Suzana, do try it, but coordinate things so that you're eating it hot out of the oven-- they're at their best that way!

frenchtart, let me know how it goes!

Giz, I'll be posting about Lebanese Flatbread in the near future...

Adele, it's very yum... do try it!

katy, those eGullet tutorials are wonderful. I always check there when I am trying something new to see if they've got a post or tutorial with ste-by-step instructions.

Chris, I hope you do give it a try. it was surprisingly easy.

karyn, empty threats... :-)

Manggy, if you do try it I'd really like to know what you think.

Susan, you won't think that after the first bite!

annechovie, thanks for the tag. I'm going to pass this one on to Jack, as I did one very similar to it last month. :-)

JEP, you're too kind. :-)

DocChuck, thanks for dropping by and for the nice compliments.


My husband had me make this bread from a tube of refigerator biscuits and it came out very light and flaky. Onions give him gas, so I omitted them.


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Your breads look amazing! I've never attempted a pita-like bread but have been very intrigued by them.

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Keep cooking real food - there is nothing like it!


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