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January 26, 2008



Thanks for the tag. I'll discuss it with Giz and see who gets to do it.


Hahahaha. Nice picture. You look so cool.


Hahaha... Stink... Oh, to be young again, heh heh.

You backpacked throughout Greece for three months with your ex-wife? Awkward!! Unless she was your then-wife, then not so much :) (obviously the idea that you can be friends with an ex is very foreign to me, especially since there's no divorce in my country!)


Psychgrad - you could always share it!

Sophie - I am pleased to see your sarcasm classes are producing fine results!

Manggy - ha ha, no, she was my wife at the time. Now, not. Thankfully. :-)

I am still friends with one ex, though. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

Laurie Constantino

Dear Swot, er, Jack: You asked, I answered. http://medcookingalaska.blogspot.com/2008/01/recipe-pork-and-sage-bites.html
Sadly, I am not the obedient type, so am incapable of following all the rules.
Yrs Sncrly, Laurie


Hey Jack! Done deal. Thanks for the tag!
Damn i wish i could do that 'guitar face' too! :-)


Thanks for posting, Jack!


so, what does "swot" stand for. We have the term in SA and it is student slang for "study", like: Ok, I have to leave my beer, have to go "swot". Great to know some interesting things about you!


Thanks, all!

Ronell - yes, "swot" means to study, and a swot is someone who studies a lot. It's usually applied with a sort of sneer to anyone who does well at school. I didn't actually swot much - I was just naturally brilliant. :-)

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