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January 23, 2008



That is a great flavor combo! Where'd you get the recipe? Interesting problem with the peanut butter cup. Maybe it could work with 4/5 full and a drop of batter on top? Or maybe even with the cup on top, wait for it to sink :)


or put a whole stack of peanut butter cups in the center, one on top of the others! yum, yum, yum. omg. i want one of these right now.


My grandmother used to dust raisins with flour to keep them from sinking in batter -- I wonder if that would work? Or lightly chop the peanut butter cups into chunks. They look and sound delicious!


It seems like banana and reeces peanut butter cups have been a popular combination lately. These look great!


I think next time, you should make banana peanut butter cup *pie.*

I kid. The cupcakes look fabulous.


Bananas and peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate...there's a theory of relativity equation in here somewhere. Ideal! This is one event that has me stumped, but then I have no loose candy hanging around. It tends to, ur, disappear. ; )


Looks very yummy. You can't go wrong with chocolate, banana and peanut butter.


The cupcakes look marvellous, but I'm going to skip this recipe... peanut butter is one of those things I prefer not to eat unless I'm starving or fearful of causing offense.


I like the candy at the bottom, sort of like black-bottom cupcakes or something. Like Karyn I'd like to see the pie version... ;-)


I'm not a fan of peanut-butter cups, but my husband loves it, and he would love your cupcakes too:) they look great!!



those look beautiful! and very rich!


Yum - I have never tried peanut butetr cups but these muffins look delish!


Very creative & delicious looking!


Yum -- these looks great, I kinda like the idea of having frosting on both ends!


MMMM bananas and anything and I'm interested :) From the cake part it looked like a pretty good recipe. I really like your picture of the cupcakes cut in half, nice job! I agree with the blog events, sometimes the hardest thing to do is narrow down ideas on what to post... sometimes I need some guidance and this is a fun way to do it and to be able to see what everyone else has come up with. Like blog show and tell :)

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