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January 03, 2008



Yes, gruyere! Dig that rich nuttiness. Excellent, uncomplicated recipe, Ann! Happy New Year!


I've had it your way and I love it. Really folks, three of us sat at Ann's and nearly polished off a very large dish of the stuff. Even with the abundance before us we still managed to fight a bit over the crusty top. This is comfort food at its best...


As mac & cheese is not really that popular here, I have only ever prepared it from a microwaveable thingy. The result is ok but not something I'd bother looking a better recipe for as I haven't developed any craving for it. But I have to say: that pic of yours looks soooo yummy, with the crunchy bits on top. I would add cayenne too just 'cause ;-)


"So when you come to my house you're getting it my way."

As it should be!!

oh, that photo is scrumptious, especially coming in from 8-degrees-with-wind-chill-weather outside. my breakfast yogurt looks somewhat unappealing now.


Hmmm. I notice you didn't mention the macaroni and cheese Food & Wine baked in cupcake tins . . . intriguing only in that you would end up with a whole lot of crust.

Looks good! I'm glad to see at least one person's not dieting into the New Year (January = Official Comfort Carb on Carb with Fat Month). :)


I didn't even know there was a debate - I just say everyone can make it how they like it!! I guess it's like the chili debate - beans or no beans...

I love gruyere in mac and cheese. This recipe sounds delicious!


i will take whatever type of mac and cheese is in that photo, please!

i called my dad a few weeks ago and he told me he was making dinner. i asked what he was making, and he goes, "oh, we buy these boxes of all natural, organic, vegan macaroni and cheese." i was a little perplexed, "dad, if it's vegan it's not actually macaroni and *cheese*, you know that right?" :-)

this looks wonderful! gruyere is one of my abosolute favorites!


Hmm... I've never had your preferred type of mac n', but I'd be willing to give it a try. And adding onion sounds fantastic!


Wow this looks so very delicious. You have a lovely blog. :-)


Can I please come to your house? Amazing photo!


I've tried making mac and cheese in so many different ways, and I keep coming back to the recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook that was the first I ever made. It's simply a cheese sauce tossed with pasta and then baked. Depending on my frame of mind I use different cheeses (Manchego mac and cheese is really good), but usually come back to ye old cheddar. I am somewhat enamored with the current trend to take mac and cheese to the next level with things like green chilies or truffles - but in the end, there's just nothing like simple cheese and pasta.


Minus the onions, that one sounds perfect to me!!!


No, please do tell us the full story! I eat this stuff up! (ohhh bad pun). Personally I am pro-egg. This style looks like the one my mom used to make and I think that childhood does shape our tastes in so many ways...mac and cheese and winter, such a great combination.


Susan, sometimes the least complicated dishes are the best. :-)

Lisa, well now you have the recipe... though I know you don't ever follow recipes.

Manggy, oh you really do need to experience proper mac and cheese. You'll no doubt want to try both methods, though. Let me know which you settle on.

frenchtart, I think every cook should adopt the "my way or the highway" philosophy. :-)

Karyn, Oh we're trying to cut down on the calories a bit... but we still allow ourselves those nights when we toss sensible eating out the window!

Deborah, I suspect there's a a debate out there about every well-known dish. :-)

Katy, I think it's really cute that your dad hasn't even noticed the lack of cheese in his mac and cheese!

clumsy, the onions do a very nice job of balancing out the richness of the cheeses...

jeena, thanks for dropping by!

JEP, let me know when you're in the neighborhood! :-)

Natanya, the simple way is so often the best way, isn't it? Nice to see a new visitor!

Hillary, thanks for visiting!

Jessie, interestingly, my Mom never made macaroni and cheese. But first time I ever made it was a very similar recipe and I have never really liked any other as much.


It looks yummy but I've got to be honest. I love mac & cheese any way it's cooked ... but I just don't love crunchy onions in it. Blanching them with the pasta, though, is something that hadn't occurred to me. I may have to try that.


Who knew this was such a controversial dish! Heck, I haven't had this since I was a tot and I proudly made a box of Kraft mac'n'cheese all by myself (don't worry, thankfully I grew out of loving that stuff!) but I think I'll need to try all three methods to see which one my tastebuds like :)


Absolutely beautiful! I'll have to try this soon. Thank you for the recipe!

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