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January 29, 2008



Can he bring back some McVities for me? ;)


*I* can send you McVities,the truffles look heavenly.


Marla - we can get McVities here too. But not at $1.50 for a large pack, y'know? :-)


I am totally crashing at your flat if I ever decide to look for a job in London :-P Kidding!
I am guessing the fleur de sel is also cheaper there? I won't believe it's not available in New York. Actually I don't know what to suggest either (I was hoping to see some suggestions in the comments), and racking my brain for some, all I could come up with are DVDs and CDs :)


Oh please -- is there ever any answer better than 'truffles'?!?


since he's swinging through italy first, bring back some limoncello!


Some parm-reg because that, at least, can get over through customs (so sad that fresh goat cheese can't).


I would love a packet of chocolate digestives, but also would ask for tunnocks caramel wafer biscuits (argh can hardly remember the name), a double decker bar and a packet of alpen swiss muesli! But probably what I would want most would be a loaf of good bread from europe - they really know how to bake it!


If I had to live away from the UK then I suspect I would be asking for a whole suitcase full of teabags! They are just never the same abroad.

Maybe some good English cheese like a mature cheddar or Wensleydale, packed in mini cool bag of course (sorry, I'm not sure if you are allowed to bring that kind of thing into the country or not). A whole small cheese with some kind of wrapper or wax coating would probably travel fairly well.


Jack is going to be at a ski area town, so the pickings could be slim. We're know for all types of things tat won't probaly get through customs these days, salami, cheese, but then there are always chocolates, mushrooms, dried, so not to worry about the jars... Wine always the wine from tis area, plus genepy, our local firewater which is sweet enough to be a bit girly, but good. Interesting to see another Marla in the comments.


If you want a cook/recipe book that's a bit different from the norm, ask him to get 'Wild Garlic, Gooseberries, and Me' by Denis Cotter. It's absolutely terrific, and a real must if you like vegetables....


Ohhh that's where Jack is! Lucky guy!
I didn't know Ramsay had a new cookbook out. I have to check it out!
By the way you should check out a dessert cookbook called 'Indulge'. It's by the british pastry chef of the French Laundry in California. Her name is Claire Clark and i think she's talented. :-)

Big Boys Oven

Got to say I love your the selection of your list! Had been in UK for 10 years and now I am back in Kuala Lumpur permanently, I can only desire for them! The only thing I can get here is Mark & Spencer! :) Hope you will get everything requested on your list!

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