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February 09, 2008



Arrghh! I'm so in love with this post. I have the widest smile ever and I'm not even involved in the story :p I'm sorry, why in the world was Jack not wearing what he said he'd wear? What a w*****! Hee hee, I'm just joking. Is the message board still alive?

Great event, though my love story that never was is no match for this great post, haha :)


I love a great love story -- and this is truly one! The cheese smorgashboard meal is one of my all time favorites.


That is so fantastically romantic!


Wow, your story reads like a romance novel, in a good way. It's just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.


I can't think of anything more satisfying than brie cheese, french loaf and a good glass of wine. You've so hit my weakness. I think I gained a pound just looking at it.


I'd like to say that the only reason I turned her down was because I wanted to NOT turn her down far, far more than was sensible, given the situation. A night of severe self-kicking soon straightened me out. :-)

This post made me a bit misty, here in the Italian alps...


Ohh...the juicy details of Ann and Jack. Very interesting post!

Yeah Jack - what's up with the white shirt? Was it an escape tactic, if necessary?

Point #6 is how R and I met (hope the link will work). No food involved. We're discovering food as we go.


your story is so reminiscent of mine and jonny's... it's almost uncanny. of course, yours has a much more romantic beginning... I met my british husband as I was living in NYC but visiting someone in london. let's just put it this way, i never thought i would meet someone in a bar - EVER. but, similar to you, emails turned into more emails, which turned into phone calls, which finally turned into a similar, "I'm coming to the US for a visit and will be in NYC and I'd love to see you". One 'date' in New York City turned into a full week (and one missed plane home) of hanging out, eating and drinking around town and falling in love. I give you credit for lasting 4 years long-distance! I could only do it for 8 months and then I cracked. But when they finally are close and you no longer have to spend the $$ and the emotions on the long-distance thing, you really appreciate your relationship in a different way. Thanks for making me reflect on my own love-story... I often take it for granted and forget the crazy hard times of trying to 'make it work'. Sorry this has no food-related content!

Amy @ http://www.neverfull.wordpress.com


How lovely to hear the rest of the story...I just heard part of it from Jack on our short but sweet lunch Thursday. How very lovely and romantic.


That made me break into a huge smile! So sweet, I can't belive he wasn't wearing black though!!! :-)


I always love a great how-we-met story. Very romantic.

(BTW, that description of the wanton wenches making cocklebread sounds like a bit from a Monty Python movie.)


that is such a lovely romantic story, Ann, and such a great reminder that often the simplest foods are the best.

I spent 9 months apart from my partner after meeting him in Edinburgh - long distance love is not ideal but it does make you appreciate being together! (mind you, he is now wondering where he can get cocklebread!)

Astra Libris

Your story is incredible! So beautifully written, too... and I quite agree - food is incredibly sexy... Especially mushrooms...

Also, a belated thank you for the post on my blog about the sesame cookies! :-) I'm so glad you led me to discover your fantastic blog!


This is the most fabulous post...ever!!! Okay - that's it. I am moving back to NYC or to London...one of the two. Everything about this post is the bomb - from the video to the story, to the wine and cheese. Thank you so, so much for participating.


Manggy, his pants and jacket were black... but he didn't have the jacket on and he was sitting at a table, so who knew? :-)

Marla, not a new story to you, though, is it? :-)

Rachel, I am very happy to say that it continues to be fabulously romantic!

Karyn, *whew*! Glad you added the "in a good way" bit! ;-)

giz, yes we try not to over-indulge in these special meals... the calorie count is very high between the cheese and the wine. :-)

Jack, hurry home. <3

Psychgrad, I followed your link. What a lovely story!

amy, seems that we have a lot in common. Both with Brits, both overcoming the transatlantic thing, both in Brooklyn. We may need to go and have a live ale together one evening. :-)

Pasticcera, I am SO jealous that Jack got to meet you and I didn't!

sophie, he's a little absent-minded, or hadn't you noticed? :-)

julie, I learned about cocklebread a few months ago and have been itching to find a way to work it into a post ever since... hilarious, isn't it?

Johanna, try the withering stare. it worked for me. ;-)

Chris, thank YOU so much for hosting such a fun event!


No, not a new story. A sweet story, a modern fairytale, one I don't tire of re-hearing. It renews my belief in true love and in the human spirit to stand up and risk it.


What a charming story! You and Jack are very lucky.


Marla, it's always nice to have people who were there and watching it happen drop by :-)

yulink, yes we are very lucky. And we know it.


Hola Ann! I love your story!!! Isn't it great to fall in love and keep that feeling up after the years? Great post!


That was a wonderful post. Just reading through it was romantic. So much Romance. Just a wonderful post!!


What a fantastic way to spend your time together. In bed with some wine cheese and delicious breads. Definitely the way to help sate some romancing. I adore your story, and wish you and jack many years of joy together.


Hi Ann,
I enjoyed reading your post and what a romantic story. Happy Valentine's Day to you all.


That's the cutest story ever! For some reasons, girls in message boards think I'm a weirdo! Jack I need help! :-)
The buttocks-knead bread sounds fascinating. I want the recipe! Haha


núria, thanks for stopping by! And yes, it really is a wonderful thing.

Tina, thank you!

Angel, well we always thought it was a nice way to say "hello" :-)

Ivy, and right back at you!

Zenchef, well, see... I like weirdos, so Jack was in luck. As for the cocklebread... you don't need a recipe, you need someone willing to um... work the dough for you! :-)



This post is incredibly sexy. I, like many others, truly appreciate a great love story.

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