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February 25, 2008


Astra Libris

What a pithy, well-written post... You transported me right there - stunningly written! Thank you for the journey!


I agree--you took the reader right there with you! And I believe that for me, my student days were as much an education in food as they were in art studies. Of course, it goes to say that I am glad you have gained a better understanding of GOOD pizza. ;-)

Scotty Harris

Lovely post, but at the phrase "at university" I knew it was Jack, not Ann, posting. ;-)


Lovely, funny post. You had me laughing at the line about bottomless cups of coffee.


Beautifully written post... If slightly more than a little nauseating, heh :) I think I retasted my lunch when I read about burgers that had the possibility of gristle in them. *Shudder*
I will not rest until you scan a picture of you in the check jacket and voluminous trousers. Please please please please... I mean, if you can find a picture of you in your old band, I suppose there is at least one picture of you in "costume?" Think of the number of hits it would create for Redacted Recipes, as there must be thousands of people searching for an image of those clothes!
I'm a little disturbed that for many people, their journey in taste depressingly ends at those pubs. Can't wait to read the next BTALF.


Great post Jack....and I can attest not only to your improvement in cooking and dining but to you wardrobe as well. You look awfully good in a suit and even better in a tux.....


Fantastic, Jack. It would be fun to see, at some future date, all the Bad Teeth and Lousy Food posts strung together. The tipping plate incident reminded me of New Years Eve in 1955. A friend and I had driven from Stuttgart to Paris and had gotten into the New Years Eve dinner show at Moulin Rouge. While attempting to eat and watch the lovies perform, I tipped my plate into my lap. Embarrassing at the time, but a fond memory after over a half century. Keep up the good work.


Astra Libris -Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Cakespy - Oh yes, I am quite the pizza snob these days. If it's done right (and I'm not talking gooey deep-pan pies or greasy New York slices here) it's one of my favourites.

Scotty - I bet there are a few other little clues that give my style away too, right? :-)

Adele - Believe it or not, even today unlimited coffee refills are still highly unusual in the UK

Manggy - Sadly I honestly don't have any pictures of me in those clown clothes. I do have some old ones of me in big flares, with one of those embarrassing seventies blow-dry-and-centre-part haircuts. If I ever lose all sense of embarrassment and shame I'll scan a couple in!

What a decade...

Lisa - Thanks for the compliment! But let's face it, after seventies fashions it's kinda hard not to improve...

Paul - Oh yes, embarrassing incidents are always fun... with sufficient time and distance!

You know, if you want to see all these posts together at once, there's a "Bad teeth..." link under 'Navigation' in the top left of the main page which will do that. The end of each individual post also features "previous" and "next" links.


thanks Jack - I really enjoyed reading about your encounters with restaurants in your youth. Have you read Nigel Slater's Toast - I think you would enjoy it if you haven't!

I think my worst food at univesrity was in the residential college where I lived - I remember one meal that looked just too like cat food. But we had a great food co-op and I was fortunate to have housemates to teach me a thing or two about cooking once I moved into a house


Brilliant. I was a kid, not a student, and i marvel now at some of the stuff we ate. Vesta's rehydrated Chinese Chow Mein, "curry" as in a brown sludge full of sultanas and the endless spring cabbage and floury boiled potatoes. The only burgers we ever got were Bird's Eye beefburgers, but at least in those days we had real chips.

Btw, does anyone remember Ski strawberry yoghurt in the 70s. The pot was on a little pedestal, i think, which is why i liked it. Can't find any photos though (that's what i was looking when i came across this article. Dunno why, just suddenly wondered if i'd remembered it right).

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