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February 04, 2008



Looks phenomenal, Ann! You have MY vote!


Beautiful! Mmm, wish I could have some right now.


Wow this looks awesome! What a great creation.


Looks deliciously sinful. Of course you have my vote.


That's very inspired :) Good luck on the contest, Ann!


Wow - even chocolate has a ying and a yang. Looks delicious and really creative.


My goodness you have been a busy bee all on your lonesome...


Brilliant. It makes me want to invite myself over for dessert. :P


Thank you, thank you for sharing this recipe. My Honey loves warm bread pudding and b&w cookies, this looks like a perfect Valentines Day dessert!

Poonam Phatak

Chocolates and raspberries :) Heaven....


Mmm...good choice for your entry!


You can bribe me with half the bread pudding!


those black and white cookies were my FAVORITES when i was little -- i used to beg for them every time we went into New York! that and the perfume samples at saks -- i was such a weird little kid. :-) your bread pudding looks awesome!


Oh, that's just evil. Bread pudding? One of my favorites. Half-Moon cookies? Absolutely my favorite cookie on the face of the earth. The two combined? Making me drool on my keyboard. You have some leftovers you could offer me, right? I know you do! I'll trade you for some Brooklyn Chowder!


beautiful entry ann!! and what a brilliant idea of black and white thing!! realy gorgeous!! goodluck

Bellini Valli

The combination of chocolate and rasberries alone is enough to make me drool all over my keyboard. This is a very ingenious recipe :D


annechovie, appreciate it!

Sophie, I have some in the freezer just for you.

Ashley, thanks!

Dad, you're the best.

Manggy, it's pretty tasty. :-)

giz, doesn't everything? :-)

Pasticcera , I have indeed. My freezer is a little crowded at the moment, as I immediately froze most of the pudding.

Adele, if you're ever in New York...

BustersDad, ooh... I hope you try it and surprise your sweetehart!

Poonam Phatak, just about the best combo ever, I think.

JEP, aw... thanks.

Zenchef, I just happen to have some in the freezer... :-)

katy, I have a love-hate relationship with Black and White cookies. Love they way they look, sometimes really like the way they taste... and other times wonder what the hype is all about. :-)

ann, I do. But they seem to be getting promised to people pretty fast. :-)

dhanggit, Not so sure it's "beautiful" but it has a certain rustic charm.

Bellini Valli, thank you!

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