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February 29, 2008



Yay Ann! I am so glad that it tasted good after all that effort.


I will do it again, too! I had also some problems to transfer the Baguettes to the baking sheet. Perhaps you should use a little less water for your dough, so there's less risk it became to flat.


this is absolutely beautiful french bread ann!! great job for this month's db challenge :-)


It's a beautiful loaf Ann. I raced down from Cakelaws when I heard about your rising issues! I have been battling yeastophobia for a few years now...it was becoming a personal issue! Glad you'll try it a 2nd time. Good for you...that's the spirit! Loved the write-up...right up to the baby being born. Precious!!

Bellini Valli

This was a very daunting recipe with a long list of instructions but you "rose" to the challenge and your loaves are a thing of beauty :D

Sheltie Girl

You did it! You overcame Hand Shaped Anxiety Syndrome and did a fabulous job. Like you, I thought this bread had a great flavor...who cares if they are shaped perfectly. They are simply rustic.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Big Boys Oven

You did so well, I am sure yourneighbour will be very envy of you!


Whew! I am glad you've decided to go through it again (so are two of your kids, heh heh :) I think the difference is really in the ingredients we put in-- you can add very high-quality flour. I remember my first rustic loaf, made with just awful crap flour. Of course it wasn't worth it!! :D


Ann, I can't believe you had to taste to believe it--this picture embodies everything I look for in a perfect loaf of bread. The little air bubbles are perfect, and based on what you say, the taste and texture were excellent too. You always wow me!



It may be pale, but it looks like it has a lovely crumb, which is really the important thing. :)

Lucy V

Quite beautiful bread. Thank you!


"tried to ignore the looming deadline..." Bwhahaha. Sounds like me! I always procrastinate and have never really been able to figure it out because I'm either at my computer or in my kitchen. Go figure. Your bread looks like it's supposed to in my opinion because I have a purchased bouile of artesian bread downstairs right now that is the height of yours. And you are so right that it tasted great.


You did a fabulous job even if it didn't look like you wanted! The taste and the texture are the most important part.


I'm going to make it again, too! Glad that it tasted great even if it didn't come out quite the way you were hoping it would!


I procrastinated, too, and made it last weekend. Looks yummy! Was yummy! Great job.


Flat and pale, eh? I think it looks fine. And given that crumb and the way it sounds like it tasted, you still did a fabulous job!


"the loaves have to be formed in such a way that the tension of the coagulated gluten cloak on the surface will hold the dough in shape." Yeaahh ... I had the same reaction ...

Still, glad you're happy with your bread! Good luck with your next try. I actually did it a second time but used a slightly different recipe.


Now we're going to expect to see the updated version of the loaves when you make it again... we'll hold you to it! :p


Ann, your bread looks delicious! You both should say hello to Amy at wearenever full.com - she too lives in Bklyn and is married to a Brit. (it must be the accent)

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

You did a great job, congratulations


Ann, I don't think it looks pale - it's so beautiful! Great job on a looooooong challenge!


yikes! child labour and julia child! great to hear you'll do it again! i believe i too deflated it considerably in the slashing... ok.. ripping :P


I was a procrastinator too, but did NOT regret this recipe. Your loaves look great!


As long as it tastes good that is all that matters. Don't worry about the apperance! Looks great.


Ann, your "frisbee" looks delish. Go check out the PBS videos of Julia and Danielle making this bread. I think a few of your "shaping" issues will be cleared up. And I'm so glad you are going to give this another try.

Thanks ever so much for baking with Sara and I

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