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February 23, 2008



Wow, that's quite original! Where did you get the idea for a Farro Risotto?
It looks great too. I guess this means that Farro will no longer be looking at you reproachfully from now on :) (truffle butter.. how decadent :p )


Or a few drops of Truffle oil, just before you serve it. I might just have to try it, soundls delish


I love the look of the full plump farro as a risotto -mushrooms and truffle oil - what could be bad?


I don't think I've ever eaten farro before. I'll have to keep an eye out for it the next time I visit Whole Foods.

Gretchen Noelle

What a great whole grain recipe! It looks just delicious!


truffle butter in your freezer and truffle oil that Jack brought back! You sound like you managed to have a well stocked kitchen, which is especially impressive if your space is quite limited!


That looks so good!

I've been wanting to try farro, but haven't been able to find it anywhere. I guess I'll just have to work on using up the other 400 forms of wheat stocked in my cabinets . . . .


Healthy & comforting in one dish...great for a cold winter weekend--thanks!


This is my kind of dish, creamy, healthy risotto... with truffles!!!


I've been craving for risotto all week - that an original combination! And it looks so good!


oh i feel like dining in a three stared michelin restaurant!! creamy risotto with truffle butter..hmmm..absolutely divine!!


oh my gosh... perfect. this looks so good, and it's healthy! risotto is one of my go-to last-minute dinners and i just adore it, but i bet i would like the farro version even better! when my sister, mom and i made a farro dish for christmas, we cooked it in broth for more flavor, but i think the risotto method (toasting in fat, and then adding a little broth at a time) would make for an even more delicious result!


This looks beyond delicious, Ann! It amazs me how you just sort of "toss together" these wonderful recipes from whatever you have. You have really got culinary talent!


Manggy, not original to me, I must admit... I saw a farro "risotto" recipe somewhere a few months ago and just remembered it. :-)

Pasticcera, oh yes, when I run through the truffle butter I'll be trying the lovely oil you sent back with Jack!

giz, nothing could be bad!

Adele, it's got a lovely nutty chewy thang goin' on!

Gretchen Noelle, it's so nice to really love something that's so good for you...

Johanna, my pantry is small but carefully stocked. :-)

Karyn, Whole Foods has it... but it isn't cheap.

JEP, I'm thinking about trying it with a bitter green next... and some lemon and red pepper flakes. Mmmmm.

Aran, it was really delicious!

Suzana, do try it!

dhanggit, divine and yet healthy! :-)

katy, I didn't actually use the risotto method, but I want to try it. Maybe we both should and compare notes!

annechovie, it's easy to "toss together" a decent meal if you're starting with great ingredients and if you don't over-complicate things. :-)

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