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February 19, 2008



If I'd heard about molecular gastronomy when I started college, I might have majored in Chemistry rather than Fine Arts. There was a NYT article a few months ago that described some of the processes used by these chefs. I know it mentioned the knot foie gras - very interesting stuff.


Fascinating. I think I am a decade, thousands of miles, and paychecks away from such an experience though ;) By that time, I hope molecular gastro will not yet have been a distant memory!

Bellini Valli

I have seen similar places on the net and on TV at times. It is fascinating how they've taken food and turned it into scinece...which I guess it has been all along. They take it to the next level.


As the recipient of this really incredible meal (thank you Ann), I have to weigh in. I had never even heard of molecular gastronomy. Initially I was disappointed to think I would leave the table hungry. Not the case. It was great fun to linger and to question every tiny fork full. Ann is a witty and intelligent dinner companion. A meal like this requires that. I can only imagine how different the experience would have been had I been paired with a companion who didn't dissect each flavor with such pleasure. We had such a good time and I was quite stuffed! Here's to more great sister time......next time it's on me.....xox


Wow Ann... how lucky that you get to live in NY and be close to so many fabulous restaurants! I have heard great things about WD-50. He spends a lot of time in Spain (where I am from) because that's where a lot of the molecular gastronomy chefs are. He participates in a lot of demos and tradeshows so he is quite known overseas. So I'm so happy to read your review. Thank you!!


You said this tasting menu was better than the one we had and I have to say, it looks it. Not that ours was bad...!

We must go again soon, now I'm back. And now I'm back I'd better get weaving on some posts. You've been holding the fort alone too long!


I've been hearing about this coming from Spain and even one in Italy, surprisingly. I'm glad to hear it is filling and tasty,because I have been more than skeptcal, but of course very curious. Thanks for forging ahead for the rest of us.


i love this idea of molecular gastronomy!! there is one very popular festival they organize in one of the major cities in france..really interesting you can meet all these famous chefs and their creations :-)we are planning to go this year. great idea to post on this :-)


I've been very close to the molecular gastronomy movement for a while. I'll share a secret with you someday. Willy Dufresne is awesome, I met him on several occasions and I ate at WD-50 a few times.. Not the same can be said from all of them... Sometimes it's too much about the chef's ego and not enough about the food.

Unlikely Nomad

Hi There!
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Chef walter

WD-50 is good with food alteration by quimics, but isn't so great with flavours

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