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February 27, 2008



I love how you broke down the cost of the recipe. it reminds me my days doing the food cost numbers at work. fun, fun, fun!


You're killing me here -- i could eat stuffing every single day. I've already thawed chicken for tonight's African Groundnut Stew, but i've two extra-thick pork chops in the freezer, perfect for tomorrow.


Wow, those are some hefty chops! (Never gotten them that thick before-- it needs a special (read: expensive) request from the butcher.) I think they would stand on any edge you put them, heh :) This would also be a great addition to that blogging event, the one with the mother-to-daughter recipes... (The name is escaping me now)


i never tried stuffing pork chops..i guess this is a brilliant idea to keep the moisture and juice intact during cooking..i love too the way that cost was broken down :-)


Mmm. I'm usually not a big fan of pork chops because they tend to be dry, but these look moist and flavorful. :)


Lol. Looks delicious : )


your conversation with your mother amused me - I have those sort of discussions over old recipes

(oh and I meant to ask Jack in my ocmment on his previous post when we would get a recipe for a baked bean burger - I am intrigued!)

Bellini Valli

Excellent!!! I have always loved stuffed pork chops. I have seen the Frufal cooking event but I am not very good at Math...wink...wink...

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