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February 11, 2008



Chocolate and raspberries are just perfect for Valentine's Day. I love seeing your take on it. Well done!

Astra Libris

I am in awe... That has to be the most beautiful tart I've ever seen...


Oh my god. I want some!!

Bellini Valli

Chocolate and rasbperries are the perfect marriage of flavours for Valentine's Day..or any day :D


Be still my heart - if it has raspberries in it - how bad could it ever be. I could eat this right through the monitor.


Chocolate pastry! A woman after my own heart! ;p

I just finished mine yesterday too! Unfortunately the internet's been weird so I'm just about to post it.


That looks like one deliciously rich mini-tart. :)

I don't know if I'll make it to this mini-pie event (Moot Court is evil), but I'll do my best.

Ben M.

I just posted my mini tart entry, but I think I'll actually be making these for Valentine's Day. That photo looks really good, and I'm almost sad at having to wait a couple days to try one...


Drool. I would extremely love to eat these. They look so good.


i love the little raspberry peeking out from the chocolate!


Now that's m kind of tart. I spotted it first in the round up above not realizing it was yours. Yum Yum!


Ann, these look mouth-watering - and so cute! Lucky person/s who got to share these with you.


Aran, we both seem to love that flavor pairing... and why not?

Astra Libris, you are too kind. I think tiny tarts are just cute in and of themselves. :-)

Sophie, lucky for you I froze most of them!

Bellini Valli, you got THAT right! :-)

giz, they're very easy to make... why not treat yourself?

Manggy, I think chocolate pastry is just... well, baaaaad. In the very best way.

That looks like one deliciously rich mini-tart. :)

Adele, we'll see you next time, I hope. We have a really fun event coming up!

Ben M., I'm flattered that you'd make mine over your own. let me know how they came out!

Ashley, get out your mini muffin tin! :-)

shana, it's a but naughty, isn't it?

Pasticcera, I plan to serve a few to Jack this evening when he gets home. A belated Valentine's day. :-)

Cakelaw, nobody got to share them... yet. I ate two and froze the rest!


...and I tried one. And it was wonderful. Not only did it taste amazing but the soft interior contrasted beautifully with the crust, and the little blast of raspberry at the centre just made it.


Mhmmm your little pie looks really delicious !
a nice recipe:-)

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