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February 18, 2008



I hear you! I kind of like making these little simple dinners when LB is away - it reminds me of when I lived alone in my very first apartment. That, and I like to cook myself something fancy and easy that we can't afford to buy two of - like seared tuna :) yum!!


That looks good, what a beautiful photo! And I love those dinners too!


I agree, nothing to be ashamed about! :) That looks good, in fact so good that when you mentioned artichokes I was imagining some artichoke-sandwich thing already.

Welcome back (in advance) to Jack!


Great picture! I have been thinking about dinners that are more basic. Yesterday, we had breakfast for dinner and it was kind of a nice change. I'll have to keep tuna melts in mind for a future supper. I like the addition of the tomato.


This really looks good... Yum... I love evrything on bread although I am on a semi gluten free diet. maybe that's why this looks so good!


Hi Ann, I'm with you! Those easy snack foods are great when there's nothing else in the house or you really just don't want to go the whole shebang and cook a fancy meal. I love baked beans on toast - not glamorous, much maligned, but good!


i love doing fast snacks & simple recipes too when im alone. melting cheeses on top of bread or croissant are part of my daily routine when alone. i havent tried doing tuna melt but the way you describe it sounds really delicious :-)


No shame, I love tuna melts too and can't remember the last time I had one, hummm sounds like and easy peasy luch or dinner coming up. Thanks for the idea and enjoy that wine, cheese, a loaf and thou!


Hooray for snack dinners!

My father went away on business trips regularly when I was young, and my mother would use the time to take a break from preparing full dinners. We ate things like fried rice, French toast, and plain pasta with mountains of cheese melted on top. My sister and I liked those meals a lot more than the usual stir-fries with rice.

(I still like plain pasta with mountains of cheese.)

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