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February 21, 2008


Bellini Valli

Sounds like an instant friendship was made on the slopes Jack :D


That sounds like a lot of fun-- not seen snow before. (however, I have been on a glacier on some Swiss mountain.) When I look at those "World's Worst Sports Injuries" TV specials though, it freaks the hell out of me (WELL, what did I expect?). I just saw the Bella Baita site-- that's just absolutely breathtaking.

So, a 1998 desktop? Does it accommodate 5-1/4" disks? You know, with a drive lock that turns 90 degrees? When it boots, it goes BZZT-BZZT-BOINK! I'm surprised it could handle a modem. Maybe for BBS or something.

I want to commend the toddler that took yours and Marla's picture! Hahaha :D I'm thinking it was probably done on a timer on the table surface :)


Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Anytime you want to ski in Colorado give me a call. I don't ski myself; I have a rule about using a major force of nature (gravity) against oneself, but I hear the slopes are fine and not very far away.

Can't wait to hear what you will cook up next.


What a nice post and what a pleasure to spend a lovely lunch and some sunny alpine skiing together in our backyard. I don't think you give yourself enough credit for your skiing. I would have never been able to ski that well if I only had gone once a year. Just a little update...Fabrizio is the one who grew up skiing when his grandfather use to take him so he could get out of always working at the restaurant. Me, I came late to skiing, moving to Colorado in my 20's and didnt really get the hang of it until I worked for a ski company where you got free lessons. In addition to my bakery duties there, I also fed the kids ski school and instructors, so they looked after me and made sure I learned how to ski,and I will always be grateful for such access to a great sport.
Now we look forward to meeting Ann someday on your travels to this part of the world. We do hope you make it soon!


That looks just awesome -- I love skiing but have never tried it in Europe! I grew up skiing in Vermont every March though. :-)

Marla -- (the one who does not ski -- or bake!)

What a grand trip, beautiful skiing weather and a lovely meet-up -- good of you to wear an "L" shirt in the photo too!


Bellini - Indeed. We got on fine and I really hope I can get over to see Marla and Fabrizio again with Ann. Ann doesn't ski but I know she'd love the area. And the food. :-)

Manggy - My old 1998 beast can't handle 5-1/4 disks; it can barely start itself up - but when it does I'd say the noise it makes is more like a handful of nails in a coffee grinder.

It actually was a toddler that took the picture. I told him to make sure I looked suave and handsome in it. I guess I should have given him more than a 20 eurocent coin for a tip...

Donna - One day, one day... I would really like to ski in Colorado.

Pasticcera - It was really nice to meet you and Fabrizio and I seriously hope to get out there with Ann.

katy - I love European skiing for many reasons, one of which is the cute mountain restaurants and the lovely carb-n-dairy-heavy food they serve. Just the thing when you're expending all that energy!

Marla - Yes, that "L" shirt is pretty well-travelled. It's always fun to see how many people know what it is even in places far removed from NYC.

You don't bake? Shame on you!


Jack, you don't know how envious i am of you. I wanted to go ski too!
It looks beautiful!

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