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February 07, 2008



Those look very intriguing. I can't wait to see how they turn out.


I've tried preserving lemons before, and seeing that kumquats are in season, I must give this recipe a try.

Please let us know how yours turn out.


Ooh, I haven't heard of preserving kumquats--I would be curious to taste!


I don't think I've ever had a kumquat... but it's fun to say so I can only assume it's just as fun to eat.


Intriguing, as I don't have much experience with Kumquats will be interested to find out how these turn out. A friend gave me a jar of her home made marmalade and it was to die for, so maybe I'll run across these one day in the market.
Met Jack yesterday for lunch and a bit of sunny skiing. He's a very nice man, maybe next time we'll get to meet! Marla


i love kumquat!! but i never knew it is possible to preserve them like this... what a brilliant idea!!! is it possible to use this preserved kumquat as a substitute for preserved lemon in a recipe??


I've seen these little cuties all over the place lately. ADORE how you've brined them. So clever! Itching to see how they turn out.


Dang, I keep wanting to try this and have just never gotten around to it. I'm going to keep your recipe though so that I can try it once I get settled after my move. I love the change to kumquats instead of lemons too!! Hope you're doing well!!



I admire your restraint. When I have kumquats around . . . yeah, I just eat them. Quickly. So I guess I never have kumquats around.


Adele, I'll post an update in a few weeks. I'm pretty curious myself!

helen, will do! I plan to make a tagine and substitute the kumquats for the lemon.

Marla, So glad Jack was able to meet you!

dhanggit, that's my plan! And I also have some Moroccan "salsa" recipes I want to try them in.

Susan, once you try preserving lemons you begin to think of all sorts of possibilities. I'm wondering about limes... :-)

Michelle, thanks for stopping by in the midst of moving! Do let me know how the lemons turn out for you once you have a chance to make them.

Karyn, you have to buy enough to eat while you're prepping the ones to preserve. :-)


I also did some cumquats - but in Vodka... incredible and they made insane christmas pressies for the family. Check them out here: http://lulusbay.blogspot.com/2007/08/organic-treasure-chest.html


Could I use orange juice instead of lemon juice for the brine?


Lynda, I just did them in a sugar syrup with brandy!

Leila, you might want to try half lemon juice and half fresh orange juice. I don't know, exactly, how important the high acid content of the lemon juice is, but I'd think it matters. On the other hand, kumquats are also preserved simply by burying them in salt...


I just uncapped a newly preserved jar of lemons and was reminded of how much I love the things ... and also came into possession of a metric tonne of kumquats. I think we all know what this means, although I never would've put two and two together on my own!

Judith Thomas

I have a kumquat tree which provides me with enough fruit to make 4 lbs of preserved kumquats in sugar/brandy syrup to use in time for summer evenings - gorgeous served with cream or ice cream. You just cook the fruit in just enough water until it is soft(not too soft, as you don't want it to get mushy). Add sugar to make the syrup, boil till it is dissolved, bring to a bubbling boil for 5 mins , cool, add as much brandy as your taste allows. Preserve in sterilised jars. Mine keep fom year to year, but I'm very careful with the sterilising.

Coffee and Vanilla


I'm hosting AFAM - kumquats this month, today is the last day and I would love to have this recipe as your entry.


Thank you, Margot

Coffee and Vanilla


Just a short note to let you know that April's AFAM (Kumquats) round-up is now online:




Do you have any special recipes that you use your salted preserved kumquats with? I've used with fish.

Hey You

Did they turn out? You never posted....

Hey You

Nevermind I read your archives :-)


Poop can also be pickled canned, but I am not sure why one would do this.


Who pickles poop?

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