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February 02, 2008



You know Ann, i'm just like you..;when hubby isn't here....i always try to make effort to prepare some good stuffs but fastly done or else I wont have the courage to eat alone...but of course its different now with my baby at home..when he is on travel..i ate the rest of last night while she drinks her milk :-)

btw, i love this bean and cheese tostadas recipe you did..i like mexican food but i never tried doing one..


I take half a dozen of those! :-)
Where's my friend Jack?


I do the exact same thing when my guy is gone...I will have cheese and olives and crackers for dinner, or something weird involving eggs, or just extremely strange leftover combinations...though I bet he thinks I just eat super-healthy meals when I'm on my own, like steamed kale and brown rice or something. We're having tostadas tonight, and your photos make me even more excited about it!

Big Boys Oven

One word to describe, GORGEOUS!


Why did you say this wasn't strictly Mexican? It looks pretty good and authentic to me :) I would add some sweet corn kernels just for sweetness... Mexico can shun me if they like :D

Aww, Monterey "Jack" cheese. Kidding. I don't blame you if you find my sentimentality disgusting, haha! :)


Pico de gallo is one of the most guileless and rousing condiments ever. Perfectly simple recipe, Ann. I find that it improves with a little age...if it lasts that long.

(P.S. - I posted a tart recipe, but haven't yet gotten around to emailing it to you. Call me scattered. Will do soon. )


A perfect supper for a single gal---thanks!


oh yum, this looks so good! i'm not sure i'd be able to stop at two!


dhanggit, it's nice to eat whatever you feel like sometimes, no?

Zenchef, it's a deal. You cook for me and I'll cook for you!

anna, but the REAL question is... do you eat crackers in bed while reading? :-)

Big Boys Oven, thanks! :-)

Manggy, mainly because I didn't use refried black beans and because I was too lazy to go and buy Queso Fresco and Crema Mexicana and used Monterey Jack and sour cream instead. I'm a bit of purist about Mexican food. :-)

Susan, Pico de Gallo RAWKS! :-) Looking forward to your entry!

JEP, and so easy!

Katy, sometimes I don't! :-)

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