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February 16, 2008



Oh my God, an actual meadow!!

I've never been in one. Most everywhere here is the sun beating down on grass/rice fields/trees/concrete. Only two places where flowers run rampant.

Susan from Food Blogga

What stunning photos these are, Ann. And your daughter is quite talented. Please tell her I think her watercolor is truly lovely.

Bellini Valli

Amen to all of that Ann :D I am almost holding my breath and waiting for Spring :D Lovely photos!!


The watercolor is lovely. And the meadow is beautiful.

I posted about my own longing for spring a few days ago. It can't come soon enough.


Lovely photographs Ann! Makes me wish I was there. Sophie's painting is just gorgeous.


Those are beautiful photos... I don't blame you for being ready for spring but I live in Florida and I'm ready for some 50's or 60's! Actually it is perfect weather here right now so I should not complain but I do miss the seasons. Maybe a strawberry and pistachio tart will help you get through this?


Ahhh the Spring. I can't wait either! :-)
Thank you for the preview. I love the watercolor painting.

Skrockodile (Sabra)

I hear you re: root vegetables. One more good soup and then I too am done!


AMEN sistah!!!! ...and as I write, we're expecting yet another storm carrying freezing rain and blowing snow. I'm definitely having a Calgon moment!!!


It's when ramps become available...then you know spring has officially started. Then the asparagus...then everything. I can't wait.

Though I have to say, I had a little taste of summer today, as I finally swallowed my skepticism and bought some hydroponic tomatoes from the Shushan Valley Hydro Farm stand at Union Square Greenmarket. They didn't hold a candle to summer heirlooms, but they were quite good for beefsteak tomatoes from any season. They have basil too.

And I second (or third) the praise for the painting - the colors are just beautiful.


Oh how I long for spring...but here the snow just won't go away. My little heart thanks you and your daughter for these lovely photos and painting!


Lovely painting. :) I want it to be spring, too. New England has too much winter. Next year, I'm petitioning to cut February short. We really don't need all 28 days, do we?

Mary Anne

Your pictures are lovely and I love Sophie's painting. We actually have had snow all around us this week but today is sunny and in the 70's.


Sigh. It was a warm day today when we were in Portland, OR...but I know we still have a lot of winter left in the NW. I am so ready too though!

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