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February 20, 2008



Jack is a good man.


wow. the shipping was pretty fast then. i´m glad you like the stuff. the two postcards are prints of atcs i made. but i took the ideas from original pics from georgia o´keefe and some other artist.


So much fun and such great loot!!! Grappa...did somebody say grappa??? I don't know if you've ever tried it but I keep a bottle of chocolate grappa in my fridge. It makes me feel like Maxine - the cartoon character - grabbing a nip every now and then. Absolutely to die for!!!


Wow... great gifts! And which Gordon Ramsay book is that? I might have to look into it. I love the Digestives in the back... I miss those so much...

Gretchen Noelle

What fun to get great things! And I am sure you are glad not to be cooking for one!


Christmas all over again! :p
I've chanced upon the 3-Star Chef book at the store, but it's always shrinkwrapped and I'm too embarrassed to tear it open when I've no intention of buying it... I hope you try something from it soon!


You are so welcome. It's fun to see them in your very appealing stash of gifts there. The postcards are lovely and would like a littl nibble of those almonds. Perhaps she'll share the almond recipe.


oh lucky you!!! im glad his home


end of those eating days alone :-)


Dude!!! SCORE!!! Bet you're happy to have him home.


Loot! Edible gifts are the best gifts. :)


You know, I will find those truffles. :-)
Glad to have you back, Jack!

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