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March 11, 2008



This sounds like a perfect recipe to clear out the veggies. I'm horrible about letting veggies go bad in the fridge. Just the other day I bought some celery, just to get home and find a whole thing of celery already in the fridge. I've been snacking on it like crazy this week!


I am entirely too familiar with the Crisper Drawer Excavation. We've tried moving vegetables out of the crisper drawer and putting condiments there instead, but then the problem becomes Back-of-The-Fridge Horrors.

Maybe the only answer is a smaller fridge.


I know the feeling of vegetables turning to soup in the crisper - and not the sort of soup you want to eat! I used to shop for vegies once a week but have started shopping a bit more and planning a bit more to avoid this. But the crisper can bring out creativity in cooking!

By the way, ann and jack - I am holding a little one off event to ask people to make a nut roast by 18 April because I love nut roasts and never see them on blogs - if you are interested check out the nut roast post for info on nut roast and rules - http://gggiraffe.blogspot.com/2008/03/neb-at-nut-roast-invitation.html (and if you don't want to make one but Jack has encountered them in Britain and wants to do a bad teeth and lousy food post on them that would be great too as I am keen to hear from people who have encountered them and I loved his last bad teeth and lousy food)


i love soups for this reason. anything goes. yummy!


Did I see low calorie, chicken and Morroccan in the same post?? Irresistable!


This looks awesome--when I clean out the crisper it's usually only stuff the guinea pigs could love, if even. The fact that you can make something delicious like this...well, it kind of boggles the mind. :-) This looks really tasty.

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