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March 21, 2008



Authentic or not, this sounds very tasty. :)


Your tart is a beautiful thing! Oh my! I want some now and may not wait until our festa Italiana ;)


These will be eaten up fast at our Festa for sure!! Thanks so much for joining us!

bleeding espresso

That looks *so* good...what a fabulous creation :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I love tarts that are formed this way, with the dough tucked up around them. I'm sure you'll be most welcome at the Festa!

Bellini Valli

I am sure they wouldn't kick you out if you arrived with these lovely tarts. I would give you an extra glass of wine for a second one...wink...wink


wow. that is beautiful and so wholesome-looking.


Mini pie meets Italian home cooking!? Now this I stand behind 100%. I could lose myself in one of those overlapping pieces of crust. Easily!


Hello Ann, thanks for visiting my weblog. This way I get introduced to a new page. With best wishes.


Ann, that looks positively mouth-watering! Crispy and goat cheese? I'm in!


Yum! These are my favorite type of tarts. Looks totally delicious! delizioso!


Let the Italian Mamas sneer, Ann-- I totally love your tart. We can have it all to ourselves, heh heh :)
Don't put "as much as you like", Ann! I think my capability for loving crumbly cheese knows no bounds :p


Great, great tart! Pancetta, goat cheese, pastry dough... what else does a gal need? bring on the fat!

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Oh yeah, your tart with a green salad and a glass of pinot grigio, al fresco, heavenly lunch!


That's a lovely tart! Sounds delish. And honestly, Ann, what is more authentically Italian than using what you have and making a meal out of it?


This style rustic tart is always so appealing. I think it's the simple homemade quality and anything in a buttery pastry is always a good thing :)

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