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March 27, 2008



Mmm. I love the combination of lamb and phyllo... this might actually be a "recipe for one" if I made it myself. :)


You always have the most original stuff, Ann :) I'm salivating at the thought of this with the harissa! (Lamb's not cheap here, though..)


This would be just great with my spicy tzatziki!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I always have phyllo in the freezer, too, as well as the mini phyllo cups, which would hold just a bite of this wonderful lamb filling. Yum!

Susan from Food Blogga

These sound really lovely. 'm curious, Ann, have you ever made these with any other type of pastry shell? Phyllo and I don't get too well.

We Are Never Full

These look crunchy and delicious. I've gotta try these!!

Amy @ http://www.weareneverfull.com

izzy's mama

I adore briouats but it has never occurred to me to make them myself. I used to love the ones they served at Fez on West 4th Street which was my favorite Moroccan restaurant. They were made with ground chicken and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yours sound wonderful.


Oh, yes please. You have so many recipes I want to try!


Same in my house--those 4 servings recipes are often perfect for just Mr. Cakespy and myself (little piggies!). These look fantastic and delightfully rich.


I've missed so many great posts here...you've been very busy! And while I'm catching up, I am seeing so much food that I'm now in a constant state of hunger...these phyllo briouats look delicious, one of these as a snack right now with a little bit of tzatziki would be heaven!


Adele, I was really pleased that something I hadn't planned came out to be so yummy. And it's defeintely more-ish!

Manggy, it only needs a little lamb, though... :-)

Lore, your tzatziki looks great!

Lydia, we were thinking that smaller-sized versions of these would make great cocktail party food!

Susan from Food Blogga, I've never made them before, but I did see some recipes that used puff pastry. I say why not? Or use this filling as an alternative to the one I put on the lamajouns...

Amy, they're pretty irresistable!

izzy's mama, they're surprisingly easy!

Chris, thanks!

Cakespy, I'm always a little embarrassed when Jack and I polish of a meal meant to serve to serve four... but what can I say? :-)

Ronell, I've missed YOU! Welcome back and get busy! :-)


Looks yummee with drinks...Well worth the effort.


oh my god!! i know this is so asian of me.. i would love love to eat these with white steam rice..hehehehehe!! and bravo for your home-made harissa!! gives that extra touch :-)

Bellini Valli

I would have been greedy as well enjoying every last mouthful of these lamb savouries:D


Oh Gosh! This looks good. My kind of food! Love it. Love it. Love it.
Arrgghhhhh...now i'm starving!!!


This looks good and easy to make. I was googling for a fillo filling recipe while the fillo sheet was thawing. I am going to make the same with ground chicken right now. Thanks.

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