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March 16, 2008


Scotty Harris

That sounds like so much fun - especially the Rioja! I am soooo jealous!


Oh man, it looks like you were rewarded by finally going! That pork tartare sounds just out of this world!


Wow - fascinating stuff - thanks for the peek into some underground NYC but even in my meat eating days I couldn't have coped with that pork tartare - and these days I couldn't cope with an event that is so vegetarian unfriendly - shame as it sounds fun!


Very neat! I've never heard of such parties. Good on you guys for going. I'd probably chicken out...or need to drink one of the bottles before going.


This sounds like it was fun! Good on you for not being daunted by the tartare.


Sounds really fabulous and a bit daring from the look of the kitchen set up.


I've read about those underground dinner parties, and I'd love to attend one someday. Sounds like a great menu, and I'm glad you had a good time. :)


ohhh, in my cooking class, a bunch of people had gone to different dinner parties like this -- i am going to have to lure my fiance to one next year! they said the food is always wonderful and by the end of the night, everyone is tipsy and happy. i believe it!

ps -- i have this theory (that has absolutely zero medical foundation) that if you drink wine with raw meat or egg products, you'll never get sick! i've only gotten food poisoning once, and i think it was from a lunch salad. :-)


Wow!!I now have connections in the "underground". Knock 3 times and tell them Jack or Ann sent you.
The whole event sounds so mysterious and so fun. The idea of the exclusivity of it all does make the guests feel somewhat special and it looks like you had a fabulous time. It seems all worth it for a wash out next day :)


What a fun event!! I feel like I am so far away from anything with culinary class over here... I need to move to NYC!


I love reading about these underground dinner parties. So cool! But I'm not sure about raw pork with a raw quail egg... I definitely would have to try that but I take your word that it was delicious. I'm glad the Rioja was your favorite since that's my home country!

Bellini Valli

What a special evening this would have been. I love events like this...but they are non existent in our fair city....too bad for me:D


I'm jealous! NYC has such a great food culture . . . .


Scotty - it was huge fun, and the Rioja rocked!

Cakespy - I was glad I had the pork (before I went I was thinking I'd try one taste and then leave the rest). It was absolutely delicious. Much better than I expected.

Johanna- yes, this was certainly not a vegetarian-friendly event, but it was a very friendly one.

Psychgrad - Mike, Derek and Ed were really friendly and welcoming and put everyone at their ease. The free-flowing wine did the rest!

Cakelaw - I'm glad I summoned the courage for the pork. It was worth it.

Marla - I was very impressed how well they managed. The two lofts were spacious and beautiful and the kitchen was great... but definitely a challenge for serving around 90 four course meals (plus amuse). Ilan and the gang did brilliantly. Kudos to the people serving too. It was very smooth, considering the challenge.

Adele - if you get the chance, go for it. This was great fun.

Katy - heh... I suspect your theory is wishful thinking rather than science, but hey, I'll buy it!

Giz - oh yes, it was definitely worth it. And I definitely want to attend the next one.

Deborah - well, if you ever visit NYC, let us know. We'll take you somewhere nice. Or interesting. Or both...

Aran - a good Rioja is one of my favourite wines. They have a distinctive rustic, earthy character that's really timeless.

Bellini Valli - we feel very lucky to live where we do, and we try to take advantage of it whenever possible. I expected to enjoy the evening, but not nearly as much as I actually did.

Karyn - yes, it does. And we feel very lucky to be able to enjoy it.


Damn!! This sounds awesome! I'm so jealous, I have heard of those underground dinner parties but I never been to one. I like everything about it... I'm all about mystery and dark corners you know.
Wait... Is that the proposal you have for me? Hahaha.

Jay Groccia

I was asked to photograph an underground dinner - here it is:
Washburn Underground Kitchen - Breaking + Entering
Imagine receiving an invitation to attend an over-the-top gourmet dinner in an undisclosed location where a private home is turned into a fine dining establishment for just one night. There you will meet new friends and experience new foods and beverages for a unique and never to be repeated experience.
I was there to photograph the event and the food.

Jay Groccia, Principal Photographer


Good for people to know.

Jay Groccia

Sorry - Just noticed that I didn't post the link to the underground dinner. Here it is:

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