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March 26, 2008



Looks like a lovely evening! Jack, I went to a tasting myself (I guess it would be a flight?) in the States-- you'll read about it soon :) Of course I'm not very used to wine so I did not have quite a refined experience/ can't characterize the flavors as well as you ;)

Bellini Valli

What a great experience for a night out..good food and good wine:D


Mmm. I am filing away the Gorgonzola-rosemary honey idea for further reference. :)


What a wonderful place and experience! I can almost imagine tasting everything right along with you. Wish we had one of those in our neighborhood - I'm jealous!!


Oh, good Rieslings and Gewurtz can be amazing. I like them with fresh seafood, especially fresh shucked oysters. Looks like a great experience!


How fun! Haven't done something like that in a long time but I like reading about your experience. The crostini look amazing! Gorgonzola with honey... hmmm... yum!


I wish we had some place similar. So many of the wine events here are nothing but pure commercialism without thought to accompaniment. Looks like a delightful evening.


I am so jealous! That is my idea of the perfect meal - wine, interesting topped crostini and cheese. What a fun way to spend an evening. Additionally, sampling different wines and foods is always great for conversation.


Oh my gosh, if you ever want to expand your riesling repertoir, my partner-in-crime and fellow blogger collects them and is REALLY into both New World and Old World rieslings. If you want some inexpensive, good, domestic, non-cloyingly sweet ones, try Kendall-Jackson Riesling or Lietz (it's got a picture of a dragon on the label). J.J. Prum also does a good job, but is more expensive.

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