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April 30, 2008



Hi Jack - Here, here! My husband and I are the same way - shameless omnivores, although we tend to eat many vegetarian meals too. But I'm with Ann - no black pudding for this girl (though I have tried to like it, numerous times, and I just can't do it)!! Nice to see that you're both posting now - I haven't been around in a while.


Yum. I agree there's nothing quite like a nice, bloody chunk of beef once in a while.

Love the writing in the recipe - particularly the line about setting off the smoke alarm and bringing back memories of Chernobyl.


Having grown up on German dishes packed with meat and potatoes, I can relate to the need to sink one's teeth into some nice animal flesh from time to time! Great recipe, thanks!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Jack, I'm with you. There are days when this -- meat and potatoes -- is the perfect meal.


The steak looks delicious but somehow I don't think I'll ever think of mussels in quite the same way again....ever...again...


Gorgeous plate! Ugh, I suddenly became hungry. Thanks for ruining my "diet," Jack. Omnivore here!!

I'm on Ann's side for the most part, though. Shellfish- love. The thought of oats inside a sheep's stomach-- pass. But I will still not get over her aversion to peas!


i admit it--i'm picky about my meats. that being said, there ain't nothing wrong with this here steak creation. ya done good.
(i'm not really sure why i decided to break out the hillbilly-talk in this comment, but there ya go.)

Sandie (Inn Cuisine)

This sauce sounds really good. I've experimented shamelessly with so many sauces to pour over steak(s) in the last few months, with some of the most recommended and/or popular sauces bombing pathetically. I kept thinking, "Red wine & mushrooms, what can go wrong?" But plenty can go wrong, let me tell you. When I work up the courage to try again, I'm giving your sauce a go, because as I always say, "Red wine & mushrooms, what can go wrong?" Wish me luck!


michelle - oh, we eat plenty of veggie stuff too, but we both love meat far too much to go the whole way and actually become vegetarians.

Black pudding is delicious! Try it again! :-)

adele - Thanks. Whenever I cook steaks I open the kitchen window and the door to the stairwell, and just hope that I'm done before the neighbours call the fire department.

jj - absolutely. Give it a try.

Lydia - Sometimes it's the only thing that'll do the job. We've been having a weird lapse into slightly chilly pre-spring weather of late so this went down even better than expected.

giz - heh... don't get me wrong, I like mussels. It's just that sometimes I still need to not look at them too closely.

Manggy - It's more than just oatmeal in that sheep's stomach, you know. There's sheep's heart, liver and lungs, onion, suet... and it's delicious. No, really!

grace - hillbilly talk, eh? That reminds me; I must post my great recipe for roadkill possum stew. :-)

Sandie - this is a really nice sauce. You can vary the amount of cream according to, well, how creamy you want it! In fact it's nice even with no cream at all but a little dash does make it that bit more rich and luxurious. The Worcestershire sauce is also pretty optional, I just find it beefs up the stock when necessary. I probably wouldn't bother with it if I was using a heavy stock.


Mmmm. Just the sort of dinner we like too. When I try to serve dinner without meat, my husband says, "Ok, but what's for dinner?"


Is it wrong to make steak dinner at 1am? Maybe I should hold off until tomorrow. This looks excellent. Clearly, I'm of the omnivorous variety.

I've tried Haggis. To my recollection, it wasn't that different from a hamburger as long as you don't think about what it's made of.


oh this is perfect for an omnivore like me..yum!! im glad to be back.;cant wait to check all your old posts thats if my 7 months old little girl will allow me hehehe :-)


I love being an omnivore. Do's from the midwest, so he doesn't feel satisfied unless there's been meat for dinner. Interestingly, precisely because we're dedicated omnivores, we gave up meat for 6 weeks a couple months ago. The excuse was Lent, but we actually really wanted to see what on earth we would do with ourselves if we couldn't have meat. Would we be more creative? Or would we just tear our hair and count the minutes? It was definitely a mixed experience, but overall a positive one. If nothing else, now we appreciate those juicy steaks all the more! :) (Not that I'm recommending such ascetic practices, mind you!)

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