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April 07, 2008


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Mirto is new to me, though it sounds intriguing. I'm a sucker for the color and flavor of beet risotto; it makes such a dramatic statement on the plate.


Well, beets would make a red sauce, wouldn't they? :D I can't even begin to imagine what this would taste like. I need to
1) Taste beets, once and for all (nooo, they're not impossible to find, just... no one uses them)
2) Have a first attempt at risotto!


How unusual! I love beets, so I should really get around to making beet risotto myself. :)


I feel somewhat certain that if I ever asked at any of my local grocery stores for Mirto I would likely be greeted with that Marmaduke "huh". I'm imagining it's only available at specialty stores. Can you get it at Zabar's?


It appears your risotto was quite the success!

Mirto is an unfamiliar product to me, I'll have to look into it.

Bellini Valli

I love beets Ann so this recipe would be something I would like to try as well..with your wine suggestion of course:D


Mirto? I am intrigued...and on a mission. What a fabulous collection of savory flavors!


I love rice and I love beets...and I love wild game too! sounds delicious! Thanks for the kind words you left at my blog!


oh yum! i just tried my first non-canned beet recently from the farmer's market -- what a difference!

question for you -- have you ever tried making risotto with short-grain brown rice? i'm debating it for a dinner party this week but i can't seem to find anyone who's done it successfully. there are a bunch of farro risottos out there, though, so it can't be much different, right?


Lydia, it's lovely stuff... very herb-y.

Manggy, please, please, please do NOT let your first taste of beets come from a can! Find a fresh one and roast it with some salt and pepper and olive oil. Then have it with goat cheese and a lemony dressing. You'll be amazed!
How unusual! I love beets, so I should really get around to making beet risotto myself. :)

giz, you can order it online... and of course you can buy it in my neighborhood if you ever visit NYC. :-)

LisaRene, we first had Mirto at a little Italian place here in our neighborhood, where they often serve it after a meal, chilled, and on the house. Lovely stuff.

Bellini Valli, if you can't find Mirto I'd think Pernod (nothing like Mirto, but a new thought!) would be very nice with the tarragon flavor...

Susan, do look for it... it's such a unique and lovely little digestive to serve after a meal!

Aran, then you'd love this recipe, I think! :-)

katy, I don't think you'll end up with a true risotto if you use brown rice, though you'll have yourself a lovely unusual rice dish! Farro is actually really different from short-grain brown rice in that it doesn't go at all mushy and the end result does resemble risotto in that the each grain maintains a singularity (for lack of a better word).

I'd try it with farro (which is how we had it at the restaurant and what I was actually intending to do, but I had carnaroli that needed to be used).


Your risotto looks so interesting and different with the beets and the radichio and I'm all new to Mirto, so I would love to give this a try!


At last a reason to crack open the bottle of Mirto, that Fabrizio's parents brought us back from Sardengna. I loves the last farro risotto, so I'll have to give this one a go.


A wonderfully different risotto; it's my favourite!

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